Environmental Law & Policy Annual Review

ELPAR Article Selections for 2015-16

Eric Biber & J.B. Ruhl
The Permit Power Revisited: The Theory and Practice of Regulatory Permits in the Administrative State
64 Duke Law Journal 133

Michael A. Livermore & Richard L. Revesz
Rethinking Health-Based Environmental Standards
89 New York University Law Review 1184

Shelley Welton
Non-Transmission Alternatives
39 Harvard Environmental Law Review 457

Honorable Mentions:

Alejandro E. Camacho
Going the Way of the Dodo: De-Extinction, Dualisms, and Reframing Conservation
92 Washington University Law Review 849

Matthew Wansley
Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Commitment Device
87 Temple Law Review 447


2016 ELPAR Capitol Hill ConferenceELPAR hosted their annual conference in Washington, D.C., on April 1, 2016, featuring a discussion with some of the above authors about their articles.


The Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review (ELPAR) is a joint publication between Vanderbilt University Law School (VULS) and the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) in Washington, D.C. Each year, Vanderbilt Law students work with an expert advisory board and senior staff from ELI to identify the year's best legal and policy solutions to pressing environmental problems. The result is a one issue, student-edited volume that includes condensed versions of the selected articles, along with commentaries from leading experts from the academy, law firms, business, government and non-governmental organizations. The comments represent a broad range of perspectives.

The authors of the articles and comments present their work at an annual conference in Washington, D.C., that is co-sponsored by ELI and VULS. The attendees have an opportunity for dialogue with the panelists and with other audience members. Our audience includes representatives from businesses, state and federal government, think tanks, and non-profit organizations.



2015-16 ELPAR Masthead

2015-16 ELPAR

1st row (l to r): Prof. Michael Vandenbergh, Erik Peterson, Shee Shee Jin, Marian Mikhail, Janelle Geddes, Lauren Holtz, Emily Taylor, Megan McLean, Prof. Linda Breggin
2nd row: Daniel Gross, Chris Harrelson, Austin Holland, Ali Morris, Nick Brill, Tony Jackson
3rd row: Desmond Dennis, Dan Metzger, Eric Lyons, Kline Moore, Zak Varshovi

E&E News Publishing PM: Forum discusses potential impacts of military's energy initiatives - April 10, 2015

Environmental Protection: The Role of Shareholder Activism
Sponsored by Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, ELPAR and the Environmental Law Society featuring Andy Mims , Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Fiduciary Advisers


"ELPAR is a really groundbreaking approach to bringing the country's top legal scholarship to policymakers and practitioners. Working with Professor Breggin and her team at ELI gives you access to some of the most well-respected environmental attorneys in the country, not just through the editorial work you do with authors and commenters but also during ELPAR's annual symposium on the Hill. Perhaps most gratifying is the source of pride for students when we see some of the policy recommendations we helped identify being put into practice."

Patrick Lynch, Class of 2010
International Director
Futaleufú Riverkeeper, Chile