Class of 2014 Class Gift

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 for reaching their participation goal of 75%! 


What is the 3L Class Gift Program?

The 3L Class Gift Program provides a way for members of the graduating class to show their appreciation for the legal education they have received, the experiences they have had, and the memories they have created during their time at Vanderbilt Law School. By participating in the 3L Class Gift Program, graduating students continue the long tradition of alumni support at VLS and help to ensure that the students who follow in their footsteps are met with the same excellent educational experience and collegial environment that they had. 

Class of 2014 Ways to Give

  1. Make your gift to the Annual Fund online.*
  2. Make your gift to the Public Service Initiative online.*
  3. Want to give cash or write a check? Complete the 2014 Class Gift form and give it, along with your donation, to Kathryn Carmody or Rachael Phillips (1029 Baker Building, Law School Development & Alumni Relations). Class Gift Committee members can also collect cash/checks during weekly table sessions. 
  4. Make a pledge to be paid by June 30th (the end of Vanderbilt's fiscal year). 

*Want to give to more than one fund? Simply click "add another gift" on the fourth page of the online gift form. 

All class gift donations and pledge payments must be made before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th in order to count in final participation and gift totals.

2014 Class Gift Committee Members

Merrick Parrott (Co-Chair)

Mir Inaamullah

Andrew Solinger (Co-Chair)

Mitchell James

Rachel Bevans

Jessica Nwokocha

William Carlson

Sarah Parker

Veronica Gordon

Ann Watford

Reeba Hartley-Belle

William Weaver 

>>2014 Class Gift Funds

>>3L Class Gift FAQ


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Current Participation: 75%

Participation Goal: 75%

Class of 2014 Donors

Mariam Abdel-Malek
Monier Abusaft
Junior Ambeau
Dahni Barav
Keane Barger
Emma Bellamy
Steven Benvenuto
Nina Bergmar
Elizabeth Berk
Rachel Bevans
Mark Blaser
John Bohan
Christa Boyd
Waylon Bryson
Caitlin Buckstaff
James Butler
Jeremy Cain
William Carlson
Caroline Cecot
Lecelle Clarke
Adrienne Coronado
Jorge Leo Costales
John Craven
Leslie Damer
Michael Deshmukh
Brigham Dixson
Emma Doineau
Matt Downer
Caroline Dye
Bradlee Edmondson
Matthew Ewers
James Feltham
Stephen Fowler
Joshua Frank
Erin Frankrone Merrick
Will Freeman
Daniel Gaynor
Alexander Gefter
Lauren Gilbert
David Goldman
Veronica Gordon
Emily Green
Shannon Han
Reeba Hartley-Belle
Kathryn Haywood
Rachel Hitt
Elizabeth Hoefer
Elise Hofer
Jonathan Hoffmann
Inaam Inaamullah
Brian Irving
Terry Mitchell James
Jeffrey Jay
Megan Jordan
Michael Joshi
Dan Kay
Anne Kelts
Mary Fletcher King
April Knox
Yixing Liu
John Lomascolo
Zachary Loney
Ryan Loofbourrow
Kori Lopreore
Christopher Madden
Sean Mahard
Laura Malament
Kevin Marks
William Marks
Michael McArthur
Sean McCann
Terrence McKelvey
Brooke McLeod
Chris Meyers
Katlyn Miller
Sean Moore
Josh Morehouse
Ashley Moss
Fred Muna
Mark Murray
Sarah Murray
Amanda Nguyen
Roland Nimis
Cameron Norris
Jessica Nwokocha
Christopher O'Donnell
Sarah Parker
Merrick Parrott
Vanessa Pfaff
Sarah Prentice-Mott
Joseph Quinn
Thomas Quinn
Jake Raff
Holly Rhea
Leigh Richie
Briana Rizzo
Devin Rourke
Eric Schoppe
Jacob Schumer
Kofi Semenya
Jeff Sheehan
Andrea Sinclair
Anna Clair Skinner
Andrew Smith
Erica Smith
Kimberly Smith
Lauren Smith
Peyton Smith
Sarah Smith
Michael Snow
Andrew Solinger
Ben Southard
David Staab
Emma Stephens
George Stevens
Rachel Stone
Kate Taylor
Samantha Taylor
Ashley Thomas
Hampton Tignor
Sabrina Tour
Kelley Towne
Walter Trauner
Ross Turner
Melissa Tuttle
James Urban
Avery VanPelt
Jeffrey Waits
Ben Warshaw
Ann Watford
Taylor Weaver
William Weaver
Scott Whalen
Pilar Whitaker
Kenya Williams
Emma Wischusen
Elizabeth Wise
Mikhal Wright
Jonathan Wu
Emily Wurtenberger
Yan Yang
Ying Yang
Sunny Yoo
Soren Young
Megan Zingarelli

Updated June 16, 2014

Class of 2014 Supporters

Chris Meyers, Program Coordinator, Student Affairs
Ryan Willard (MEd'04), Associate Director, Admissions & Recruitment
Peter Blumeyer '15
Rebecca Cain
Tommy Cramer '15
Desmond Dennis '16
Ryan Dewey '16
Meghan Feltham
Sabine Frank
Orlando Hodges '15
Erik Kreutzer '15
Vincent Lewis '15
Stanley Onyeador '16
Edward Perkins '15
Danny Rheiner '15
Torrey Samson '15
Vidhi Sanghavi '15
Melanie Staab
Quinton Thompson '15

  Updated June 16, 2014