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National Law Journal: Kavanaugh’s record on class actions thin, but leaves clues he’d restrain them
- July 17, 2018

Reuters: In class action policy war, data backs big business - October 26, 2017

Reuters: Law prof (and ex-Scalia clerk): Evidence shows class actions deter corporate misconduct - August 30, 2017

Law 360: Op-Ed: It may be time to downsize the 9th Circuit - July 31, 2017

McClatchy Washington Bureau: Choosing Sen. John Cornyn could help Trump move on from FBI controversy - May 15, 2017

HBO interviewed Brian Fitzpatrick, professor of law, about his views on the recent push to break up the ninth circuit court.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Bill to remove Nevada, 5 other states from ‘nutty 9th’ Circuit Court may be gaining favor - February 8, 2017

Bloomberg BNA: Be gentle when challenging the judge’s handpicked expert - December 15, 2016

ABA Journal: Fishing for Bias: Wildlife research techniques find gaps in court record - November 29, 2016

WSMV Channel 4 - November 10, 2016 - interviewed Brian Fitzpatrick, professor of law, about the impact that the presidential election will have on the Supreme Court.

Professor Brian Fitzpatrick discusses "Where Will Justice Scalia Rank Among the Most Influential Justices?" at the State University of New York at Stony Brook - September 17, 2016

WYNC: The power and prestige of being a New York judge - September 7, 2016

Bloomberg BNA: Solutions afoot for curbing class action gadflies - June 24, 2016

American Bar Association Journal: Study finds a ‘gavel gap’ between diversity of judges and that of the populations they serve - June 24, 2016

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Texas U. admissions can consider race, Supreme Court rules - June 24, 2016

BuzzFeed: State courts dramatically lacking in diversity, groundbreaking report details - June 22, 2016 Related stories have appeared in the Tampa Bay Times , Black Legal Issues , Chippewa Herald and The Indiana Lawyer

New Yorker: Courting business - February 29, 2016

The Conversation: Former clerk on Justice Antonin Scalia and his impact on the Supreme Court - February 24, 2016 A reprint of this piece appeared in U.S. News and World Report .

Associated Press: Scalia’s death means loss of key vote in divided cases - February 15, 2016 - Related quotes from Professors Brian Fitzpatrick and Suzanna Sherry in Bloomberg Business Insider , The Tennessean and Yahoo! News (2), MSNBC, Yahoo! News , NPR Weekend Edition and WKRN , Channel 2.

New York Times: Arbitration everywhere, stacking the deck of justice - October 31, 2015

Associated Press: Justice Kennedy sent clearer signal in 2013 marriage case - April 29, 2015 

New York Times: Jay Edelson, the class-action lawyer who may be tech’s least friended man - April 4, 2015

New York Times: This time, Robert Durst faces a murder charge in the capital of celebrity trials - March 17, 2015