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Law and Government Affiliated Faculty

The Program in Law and Government is the law school’s largest and most intellectually diverse units. Faculty affiliated with the program are nationally recognized scholars whose work addresses a broad spectrum of law and policy related to federal regulation, constitutional law and conflicts between federal and state regulatory regimes. They are also challenging, engaging teachers.

Professor Ganesh Sitaraman Ganesh Sitaraman, Director
Professor of Law

Ganesh Sitaraman‘s current research addresses issues in constitutional, administrative and foreign relations law. Professor Sitaraman is the author of The Public Option: How to Expand Freedom, Increase Opportunity, and Promote Equality (Harvard, 2019) (with Anne Alstott), The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution (Knopf, 2017), which was named one of The New York Times' 100 notable books of 2017, and The Counterinsurgent‘s Constitution: Law in the Age of Small Wars (Oxford University Press, 2012), which was awarded the 2013 Palmer Prize for Civil Liberties. Professor Sitaraman was on leave from Vanderbilt‘s faculty from 2011 to 2013, serving as Elizabeth Warren‘s policy director during her campaign for the Senate, and then as her senior counsel in the Senate. Read more...


Full-Time Faculty

Rebecca Allensworth studies the public policy and regulatory infrastructure of occupational licensing. Her work explores how courts and lawmakers should balance the need for expertise in regulating the occupations with the problems that can arise from self-regulation.

James Blumstein ranks among the nation's most prominent scholars of health law, law and medicine, and voting rights.

Lisa Bressman is an innovative scholar in administrative law and statutory interpretation. She is one of the most cited scholars in the area of administrative law.

Jessica Clarke's research focuses on American equality law. She studies constitutional and statutory guarantees of non-discrimination based on traits such as race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and disability.

Brian Fitzpatrick's research at Vanderbilt focuses on class action litigation, federal courts, judicial selection and constitutional law.

Chris Guthrie is a leading expert on behavioral law and economics, dispute resolution, negotiation and judicial decision making.

Susan Kay is an expert on criminal procedure and evidence, teaches the Criminal Practice Clinic.

Nancy King is an expert in the the areas of habeas corpus, trials, sentencing, appeals and plea bargaining.

Sara Mayeux researches and writes on criminal law and procedure, as well as American legal history.

Karla McKanders launched Vanderbilt’s Immigration Practice Clinic, in which students represent indigent immigrants in humanitarian cases. Her scholarship focuses on immigration federalism and international systems for processing refugees.

Robert Mikos studies federalism and criminal law issues, including drug law and policy.

Michael Newton studies international humanitarian law and criminal law and and is an expert on the International Criminal Court.

Francesca Procaccini studies the intersection of political rights and the separation of powers, focusing on how free speech rights should adapt to the technologization of democratic processes. 

Jim Rossi is nationally recognized for his research on administrative and energy law topics. His recent articles focus on the role of public utility doctrines and principles in modern energy markets, as well as federalism and other shared jurisdictional issues affecting agency regulation.

J. B. Ruhl is an expert in environmental, natural resources and property law, and also studies the legal industry and legal technology.

Christopher Serkin teaches and writes about land use and property law. His provocative scholarship addresses local governments, property theory, the Takings Clause, land use regulations and eminent domain.

Daniel Sharfstein's scholarship focuses on the legal history of race in the United States, as well as American legal history and property law.

Kevin Stack writes on administrative law, regulation, separation of powers, presidential powers, European Union administrative law, and the theoretical foundations of public law.

Michael Vandenbergh is a leading scholar in environmental and energy law whose research explores the relationship between formal legal regulation and informal social regulation of individual and corporate behavior. He is a 2022 Carnegie Fellow.

Ingrid Wuerth is a leading scholar of foreign affairs and public international law. She has written extensively on these topics, including the relationship between human rights and international law as whole, and about state-owned corporations. She is co-editor-in-chief of the American Journal of International Law .