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Criminal Justice Roundtables

2018 Criminal Justice Roundtable
October 26-28, 2018

Participants included:

Ronald Allen (Northwestern)
Ricardo Bascuas (Miami)
Deborah Denno (Fordham)
Margareth Etienne (Illinois)
Trevor Gardner (U. Washington)
Rachel Harmon (Virginia)
Nancy King (Vanderbilt)
Rob Mikos (Vanderbilt)
Maria Ponomarenko (NYU)
Richard Re (UCLA)
Christopher Slobogin (Vanderbilt)
Matthew Tokson (Utah)

2017 Criminal Justice Roundtable
November 17-18, 2017

Participants included:

Devon Carbado (UCLA)
Gabriel Chin (U.C. Davis)
Morgan Cloud (Emory)
Janet Hoeffel (Tulane)
Joseph Hoffmann (Indiana)
Thea Johnson (Maine)
Sara Mayeux (Vanderbilt)
John Rappaport (Chicago)
Margo Schlanger (Michigan)
Ryan Scott (Indiana)
Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt)
Jenia Turner (SMU)

2016 Criminal Justice Roundtable

Participants included:

Thomas Clancy (Mississippi)
Andrew Crespo (Harvard)
Fiona Doherty (Yale)
Mary Fan (University of Washington)
Aya Gruber (Colorado)
Richard McAdams (Chicago)
Eric Miller (Loyola, L.A.)
Richard Myers (UNC)
Wesley Oliver (Duquesne)
Ronald Wright (Wake Forest)

Professor Chris Slobogin - Criminal Justice roundtable2015 Criminal Justice Roundtable

Featuring papers or commentary from:

Jane Bambauer (Arizona)
Shima Baughman (Utah)
Jeffrey Bellin (Wm. & Mary)
Russell Covey (Georgia State)
Andrew Ferguson (UDC)
Richard Frase (Minnesota)
David Harris (Pittsburgh)
Elizabeth Joh (UC Davis)
Pamela Metzger (Tulane)
Robert Mosteller (UNC)
Song Richardson (UC Irvine)
Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt)

Drug Law & Policy Roundtable

2015 Drug Law & Policy Roundtable
Participants included:

Jason Bates (Harvard)
Doug Berman (Ohio State)
Jon Caulkins (Carnegie Mellon)
Jeff Fagan (Columbia)
Reid Finlayson (Vanderbilt Medicine)
Carl Hart (Columbia)
Angela Hawken (Pepperdine)
Sam Kamin (Denver)
Beau Kilmer (RAND Corporation)
Alex Kreit (Thomas Jefferson Law)
Rob Mikos (Vanderbilt Law)
Michael O’Hear (Marquette)
Rosalie Pacula (RAND Corporation)
Sachin Patel
John Pfaff (Fordham)

Criminal Justice Roundtable on Punishment Policy - March 29-30, 2014 - Participants included: Guyora Binder (Buffalo), Markus Dubber (Toronto), Nita Farahany (Duke), Malcolm Feeley (Berkeley); Gerard Lynch (Second Circuit), Jed Rakoff (Southern District, N.Y.); Kevin Reitz (Minnesota and Reporter for the Model Penal Code’s sentencing provisions); Andrew Taslitz (American); Robert Weisberg (Stanford); James Whitman (Yale), and Frank Zimring (Berkeley).

Criminal Justice Roundtable - November 1-2, 2013 - Participants included Vanderbilt Criminal Justice faculty and Erik Luna (Washington & Lee), George Thomas (Rutgers-Newark), Stephen Schulhofer (NYU), Jennifer E. Laurin (Texas), Andrew Leipold (Illinois), Alexandra Natapoff (Loyola, L.A.), Darryl Brown (Virginia), Donald Dripps (San Deigo), Paul Butler (Georgetown), Sharon Dolovich (UCLA), and Sherry Colb (Cornell)

Criminal Justice Rountable on Reducing the Criminal Justice System's Reliance on Incarceration - March 30, 2012 - Vanderbilt University Law School's Criminal Justice Program was asked by the ABA to sponsor a roundtable to discuss policies surrounding the criminal justice system's reliance on incarceration and how they, or some variant of them, might be implemented in the state of Tennessee. Similar roundtables took place in ten other states. The roundtables brought together key policymakers and participants in the criminal justice system to start a dialogue about these policies. The ultimate goal was to provide information on successful criminal justice programs to those who can help get them started and to set up a mechanism for promoting them.

Criminal Justice Roundtable on Responses to 9-11 - September 23-24, 2011 - Participants included: Diane Marie Amann (Georgia Law School); Norman Abrams (UCLA School of Law); Robert Chesney (University of Texas School of Law); Monica Hakimi (University of Michigan Law School); Peter Marguilies (Roger Williams University School of Law); Deborah Pearlstein (Princeton University); Harvey Rishikof (National War College); Stephen Vladeck (American University College of Law); Matthew Waxman (Columbia Law School); Benjamin Wittes (Brookings Institution), and members of Vanderbilt's criminal justice and international law faculty. Co-sponsored with the International Legal Studies Program.

The Third Annual Criminal Justice Roundtable - December 10-11, 2010 - Featured Orin Kerr (G.W. Law School), An Equilibrium-Adjustment Theory of the Fourth Amendment, with commentator Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt); Jeffrey Fagan (Columbia), "Profiling and Consent: Stops, Searches and Seizures after Soto," with commentator Nancy King (Vanderbilt); Wayne Logan (F.S.U.), "Police Mistakes of Law" with commentator James Coleman (Duke); Adam Benforado (Drexel), "Judging the Goring Ox: Examining Intuitions About Punishing Animals to Better Understand the Retributive Motive" with commentator Sara Beale (Duke); Doron Teichman (Hebrew University), "The Probative Function of Punishment: Criminal Sanctions In Defense of Innocent Defendants," with commentator Richard Bonnie (Virginia); and Carol Steiker (Harvard), "Capital Punishment: 100 Years of Discontinuous Debate," with commentator Scott Sundby (Miami).

“Roundtable on the American Bar Association's draft revisions of the Prosecution and defense Function Standards” - October 8, 2010 - The American Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section chose Vanderbilt as one of six schools to co-sponsor a roundtable. devoted to soliciting input from members of the local bar on a draft revision of important standards including the right to jury trial, discovery and sentencing.

Young Scholars Roundtable - January 2010 - Vanderbilt's Criminal Justice Program sponsored a roundtable for criminal faculty who are early in their careers. Participants included: Laura Appelman (Willamette), Josh Bowers (Virginia), Eve Brensike (Michigan), Samuel Buell (Washington University), Bennett Capers (Hofstra), Roger Fairfax (George Washington), Barbara Fedders (North Carolina), Lea Johnston (Florida), Erin Murphy (Berkeley), James J. Prescott (Michigan), Alice Ristroph (Seton Hall) along with Christopher Slobogin, Nancy King, Nita Farahany, Terry Maroney and Sue Kay of Vanderbilt.

Inaugural Roundtable - September 2009 - Six provocative papers were presented at the program's first roundtable in September. Participants included Douglas Berman (Ohio State), Stephanos Bibas (Penn), Dan Kahan (Yale), Tracey Meares (Yale), Joan Petersilia (Stanford), Kevin Reitz (Minnesota), Daniel Richman (Columbia), David Sklansky (Berkeley), Kate Stith (Yale), and Robert Weisberg (Stanford), as well as Vanderbilt's criminal law & procedure faculty.