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For Interested Students

Second- and third-year students are invited to join ELPAR based on a student-run, summer write-on competition (subject to the approval of the instructors, Professors Michael Vandenbergh and Linda Breggin). Students accepted into ELPAR enroll in a one academic credit class each semester and are expected to take the class for four semesters. Enrollment is typically limited to a maximum of 20 students per semester. Participation in ELPAR does not preclude membership on the editorial staff of one of Vanderbilt Law School's three other journals.

The core focus of ELPAR students is to review, analyze and select environmental articles from general law reviews and environmental law journals, in collaboration with their instructors and an expert advisory committee. They select a small number of articles each year that propose creative, feasible, persuasive and impactful law and policy proposals. Students also participate in securing commentators and editing the selected articles and commentaries. In addition, students work with ELI to plan and participate in two annual conferences and several of ELI’s People, Places Planet podcasts, as well as to draft Vibrant Environment blog posts.

For more information, please email Professor Linda Breggin.