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Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and Environment (VIEE) facilitates innovative research, education and outreach to explore and solve modern environmental and energy problems. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary work among law, business, the natural and social sciences, the humanities and engineering.

The Owen Graduate School of Management has been ranked as one of the leading business school programs in environmental management as reported by the World Resources Institute. The Owen School, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Department of Religious Studies, and other Vanderbilt University schools and departments also offer graduate-level courses on environmental topics.

The Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management Studies (VCEMS) is a center for interdisciplinary environmental research and teaching focusing on environmental management and stewardship. VCEMS is a Vanderbilt University initiative of the Law School, the School of Engineering, the Graduate School and the Owen Graduate School of Management. VCEMS organizes annual symposia on topics such as risk communication and corporate environmental reporting. VCEMS graduates work in a variety of disciplines in academic institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations and government. Professor Vandenbergh serves as the Law School's faculty participant in VCEMS.