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Who We Are

Program Directors

JB Ruhl


J.B. Ruhl, Program Director

David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair in Law
Director, Program on Law and Innovation
Co-director, Energy, Environment and Land Use Program
Expertise in ecosystem services policy, climate change adaptation, complex adaptive systems theory, adaptive ecosystem management and growth management. 




Cat Moon


Caitlin Moon

Director of Innovation Design, PoLI
Director, PoLI Institute
Lecturer in Law
Expertise in innovation leadership, legal professional formation, the Delta Model, and legal project management.




Affiliated Faculty

Michael Bressman

Michael B. Bressman
Expertise in intellectual property law, internet and technology law, civil and appellate litigation, and corporate and business law.

Daniel Gervais

Daniel Gervais
Expertise in international intellectual property law.
Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie
Expertise in behavioral law and economics, dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, judicial decision making, and legal education and scholarship.

Terry Maroney

Terry A. Maroney
Expertise in law and human behavior, law and emotion, juvenile justice and judicial excellence.



Mark Williams

Mark Williams
Expertise in advanced legal research, business and securities research, and legal practice technology.


Yesha Yadav
Expertise in international banking and financial regulation, securities regulation, law of money and payment systems, and bankruptcy.

Adjunct Faculty

Roger Conner | Jason Epstein | Cheryl Mason

Tatiana Stolijarova | Larry Bridgesmith

Program Coordinator

Margaret Milam
Margaret K. Milam
If you have any questions about the program or program events, please feel free to contact Ms. Margaret Milam.