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The Future of Corporate Governance

The 21st Annual Law and Business Conference

Sponsored by Vanderbilt Law School and Ghent Law School

May 17-18, 2019

Alexander Room


Thursday, May 16

6:30 p.m.         Dinner at Giovanni’s (909 20th Ave. South) (walking distance from conference hotel)

Friday, May 17

8:00 – 8:45      Breakfast

8:45 – 9:00      Greetings from the Deans of Vanderbilt and Ghent Law Schools

9:00 – 10:30    Panel 1: Tenure Voting and Other Shareholder Voting Mechanisms

  • Paul Edelman, Wei Jiang and Randall Thomas, Will Tenure Voting Give Corporate Managers Lifetime Tenure?
  • Marco Becht, Loyalty Shares with Tenure Voting - Does the Default Rule Matter? Evidence from the Loi Florange Experiment
  • Christoph Van der Elst, Voting Behavior of Different Shareholder Classes

Commentator: Josh White, Owen Graduate School of Management

10:30 – 10:45  Break

10:45 – 12:15  Panel 2: Litigation and Enforcement

  • Amanda Rose, Cutting Class Action Agency Costs: Lessons from the Public Company
  • Stephen Choi, Plaintiffs’ Attorneys’ Fees in Securities Class Actions
  • Adam Badawi, How Informative is the Text of Securities Complaints?

Commentator: Craig Lewis, Owen School of Management

12:30 – 1:15    Lunch at the Loews Vanderbilt

1:15 to 2:00     Keynote Address: Wei Jiang, Proxy Contests in an Era of Shareholder Activism: What Do Institutional Investors Do?

2:15 – 3:45      Panel 3: International Corporate Governance Developments

  • Martin Gelter, Letting Companies Choose Between One-Tier and Two-Tier Board Models: An Empirical Analysis of European Jurisdictions
  • Marc Goergen, Trust and Shareholder Voting
  • Hans De Wulf/Ana Taleska, Shareholder Activism in Europe: Facts and the Impact of Market Abuse and Takeover Regulation

Commentator: James Cox, Duke School of Law

3:45-4:00        Break

4:00-5:30        Panel 4: New Corporate Governance Issues

  • Morgan Ricks, Insider Trading, “Property Rights” in Information, and the Cost of Capital
  • Michel Tison, Regulation of EU Bank Resolution and National Insolvency Law
  • Margaret Blair, Is the Publicly-Traded Corporate Sector Really In Decline?

Commentator: Chuck Whitehead, Cornell School of Law

Satuurday, May 18

9:00—9:30      Breakfast

9:30 – 11:00    Panel 5: Emerging Topics in Financial Regulation

  • Yesha Yadav, The Myth of Risk Free Markets
  • Dan Awrey, The Peculiar Divergence of Lender of Last Resort Regimes in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Chris Brummer, What Should Be Disclosed in an Initial Coin Offering?

Commentator: Christina Skinner, Wharton School of Business

11:30 – 1:00    Informal Lunch at Nada’s (across the street from the law school)


If you have questions, please contact Vanderbilt Law & Business Program Coordinator, Rachel Harrell .