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Academic Support Resources

Vanderbilt Law School strives to ensure the all-around success of each student. If you are having difficulty with your studies, please stop by the Academic Life Office, Suite 152, or email

Academic Advising

The Assistant Dean for Academic Life is available to all J.D. and LL.M. students throughout the year for one-on-one academic counseling sessions. To schedule an appointment, e-mail

In addition to individual meetings, Vanderbilt holds group academic advising sessions, including a summer LL.M. advising session for entering students, 3L degree audit sessions each fall, and 1L and 2L advising sessions each fall and spring. ​


Academic Support Resources

The VLS Library offers law students a variety of hard-copy and electronic resources in the area of academic support.

Resources and Workshops

Briefing Cases



In addition to law school-specific exam and bar preparation workshops, Vanderbilt offers a variety of campus resources available to students:


In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Vanderbilt University is required to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. Only individuals with appropriate documentation of a disability are guaranteed certain protections and rights of equal access to programs and services; thus the documentation should indicate that the disability substantially limits some major life activity.

Students requiring accommodations should contact Vanderbilt’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department (EAD). All classroom and testing accommodation requests are received and processed by EAD. Recommendations are then forwarded to the Law School’s Office of Academic Life to be implemented. Since this process can take a significant amount of time, we strongly recommend contacting EAD as soon as possible.

Psychological Well-Being

Law school can be a challenging time. Whether you are dealing with a short-term crisis or managing a mental illness, the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center offers a range of services to Vanderbilt students including individual, group, family and couples’ psychotherapy, psychiatric services, alcohol and drug assessments/counseling, vocational testing, and LD/ADHD assessment. Counselors are available in the law school.

Medical Resources

The Vanderbilt University Student Health Center's mission is to enhance the academic experience of students by providing quality primary healthcare services in a nurturing and cost-effective manner. All of the physicians and nurse practitioners have chosen college health as their area of expertise and interest, and are dedicated to meeting the unique healthcare needs of the student population. Whether you are sick or injured, managing a chronic health problem, or working to develop a healthier lifestyle, the VUSHC is available to help.