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Recent Case Profiles

During the 2017-18 academic year, the Immigration Clinic was successful in obtaining asylum in the following cases:


Rwandan client granted asylum based on Political Retaliation Claim.

A student successfully represented a Rwandan client in his asylum interview before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Office. The client sought asylum in the United States to escape past persecution and threat of future persecution of him by members of the Rwandan government. He was threatened and tortured for his reporting of government corruption. Student attorney successfully argued that his reporting of government corruption was a political opinion for which he was being tortured.

Gambian Political Activist and Journalist granted asylum .

A student attorney represented a Gambian journalist in his asylum interview. The client was seeking asylum in the United States being persecuted for promoting democracy and inclusion through his journalism. The client had been arbitrarily detained, beaten, and tortured on multiple occasions. Despite facing torture and ongoing threats from the Gambian government, the client continued to engage in ethical journalism in which he stood firm against the Gambian government’s human rights abuses.

Representation of Somalian refugee on nunc pro tunc asylum application.