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Internship Information

The law school's Vanderbilt in Venice Summer Study Abroad Program provides you with the opportunity to split your 1L summer. In most cases, attending Venice allows you a maximum of six weeks of work prior to the start of fall 2L on campus interviews. Below is a sampling of internships that have been recently available to our students.

Your professional growth is our utmost concern and our primary goal is to assist you in your search to identify a position which delivers on that intention. Making an early decision to attend Vanderbilt in Venice helps to significantly bolster your internship search. Program Director, Professor Michael Newton, is available to answer your questions and provide you with experienced guidance as you navigate your search.

Potential Internships

Information regarding past VLS ILSP internships can be found on the Recent ILSP Summer Internships page.

This list is not comprehensive and is updated as new internship opportunities are discovered. Start your search early!