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Admission Interviews

Interview arrangements must be initiated by December 1, 2017 for applicants to the J.D. class entering in fall 2018, and may be requested beginning September 1, 2017. You may participate in an interview before your application has been submitted, as long as you are certain that you will apply to VLS this year. Interviews are conducted in four ways:

1. Alumni interviews in 45 states, Washington, D.C. and 14 foreign locations: Request an In-person interview with a trained VLS alum by location, and your request will be forwarded to a local alum who will arrange the interview directly with you at a mutually agreeable time and place. 

2. Admission Interview Days, Cities and Colleges (see dates and locations below): Admissions officers and alumni conduct individual in-person interviews in day-long sessions arranged by the Admissions Office. On some college campuses, visiting VLS admissions officers conduct multiple individual interviews for students and alumni of the host college. These limited interview events are held in September, October, November and December..

3. Nashville - Applicants may arrange a campus visit which includes visiting a first-year law class (when classes are in session) and a tour of the law school (student-guided or self-guided, as available). Applicants from out of town scheduling campus visits may also request on-campus interviews during their visits, which will be scheduled subject to availability. Campus visits may be scheduled Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Applicants may schedule on-campus visits by calling our front desk at 615-322-6452

4. Skype: Applicants who are unable to visit campus and reside in locations where an in-person interview is impractical may request a Skype interview.


Admission Interview Program Website

Between September 1, 2017 and December 1, 2017, click the link below to our Admission Interview Program website. Before registering, please add to your safe senders list to ensure receipt of correspondence. Click "Create a New Applicant" to log on and view all interview options, read and accept our Admission Interview Policies, and schedule or request an interview.


At the link above, you can schedule an individual in-person admission interview for an Admission Interview Day or On-campus event listed below, with an alum in these and hundreds of other locations nationally and abroad.

Admission Interview Days and On-Campus interview locations

To complement more than 900 VLS alumni conducting in-person admission interviews across 42 states, D.C., and abroad, VLS admissions officers visit a number of cities and campuses to conduct scheduled in-person interviews with individual applicants (see locations and dates below).

Unless otherwise indicated, you can schedule this through the ADMISSION INTERVIEW PROGRAM WEBSITE.


City Admission Interview Days

Boston, MA  11/11/17
Los Angeles, CA                11/03/17
Miami,   FL                           10/10/17
New York,   NY                    10/28/17
Portland,   OR                       11/14/17
San Diego, CA                   11/15/17
San Francisco, CA             11/01/17
Seattle, WA                       11/10/17
Washington, DC                  11/11/17


Campus Admission Interview Days (for students and alumni of the schools listed)

Brown University 10/18/17
Cornell   University                                        09/26 and 09/27/17
Duke   University                                        11/07/17
Florida State   University                                10/09/17
Miami University – Ohio 10/17/17
New York   University                                        10/05/17
University of California -   Berkeley               9/28/2017
University of California - Los   Angeles          11/08/17
University of Florida and   Gainesville          10/19/17
University of   Georgia                                     10/12/2017
University of   Michigan                                   9/29/2017
University of   Mississippi                                9/12/2017
University of North Carolina –   Chapel Hill 11/08/17
University of Notre   Dame                        10/11 and 10/12/17
University of   Pennsylvania                           10/23/17
University of Southern   California                11/07/17
University of Texas -   Austin                          10/27/17
University of Virginia and   Charlottesville    09/28/17
Vanderbilt University 10/18/17
Washington   University                                    10/04/17
Yale University                                                     11/09/17


Questions? See: Admission Interview FAQs

or contact VLS Admissions  615-322-6452 .