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Admission Interview FAQs

Who can participate in an admission interview?

We encourage each and every applicant to participate in an admission interview. An interview gives the applicant more information about Vanderbilt Law, and gives the Admissions Office more information about you when we review your application. Alumni interviews provide great opportunities for you to meet individually with a lawyer working in a location of interest to you, to learn more about the legal profession and about law studies at Vanderbilt.

Do I have to come to Nashville to interview?

No. We conduct interviews on campus for those out of town visitors who are traveling to Nashville and want to interview as part of their visit to Vanderbilt Law (in addition to taking a tour of VLS, and perhaps sitting in on a first-year class). Most interviews will occur outside of Nashville with an alumni interviewer in a location near you. In addition to the list of locations where alumni conduct interviews, admissions officers host day-long interview events in some cities and on some college campuses during September, October, and November.

I live in Nashville. Should I come to Vanderbilt Law to interview on-campus?

We encourage students who live nearby to participate in an admission interview with a Nashville-area alum and to visit campus to tour VLS and sit in on a first-year class. While visiting, you will have the opportunity to meet with an Admissions Officer to answer any questions you may have about the application process.

Is an interview conducted by an Admissions Officer considered more heavily than one conducted by an alumni interviewer?

No. The majority of interviews are conducted by alumni, and we consider their comments as carefully as we do those of admissions officers.

Do I need to wait to request an interview until after I've submitted my application?

No. You may participate in an interview before you have submitted your application for admission. Although you must request an interview by December 1, you may submit your application at any time.

What will my interviewer know about me before we meet?

We ask you to provide your resume in advance of your meeting to help form a basis for the conversation. The Admissions Office does not forward any of your application materials to your alumni interviewer. Admissions officers conducting interviews will also normally review only your resume for the interview. The Admissions Office will share admission decisions with alumni interviewers.

My application is complete. Will participating in an interview cause a delay in my admissions decision?

No. In fact, applicants participating in interviews receive priority review. When we receive applications, those for which we already have received interview reports go to the front of the line of applications to be reviewed. Although we will wait to review those that have pending interviews, once we receive the matching interview reports, those applications also go to the front of the line for prompt priority review.

What will my interviewer ask me?

The questions will be about you - your experiences, your goals, and your interest in the legal profession. Many questions will be about experiences you have listed on your resume.  You do not need any legal expertise or education to answer your interviewer's questions.

How do I request an interview?

Go to our interview website:

and click Create New Applicant. Here you can view all options and select the one that is most convenient to you. The last day to request your interview is December 1.