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Alumni involvement extends far beyond financial support. Our alumni teach at the law school as members of the adjunct faculty, employ other Vanderbilt Law students and graduates, and form an impressive professional network in addition to volunteering to organize class reunions and fundraising efforts.

troy fuhrman

“Through undergrad and law school, I spent a lot of time at Vanderbilt, and it has unquestionably had a tremendous impact on my life. Serving as a volunteer has been a great way not only to give back to Vanderbilt in a meaningful way, but also to reconnect with some of the wonderful people that helped make my time at Vanderbilt so memorable.” – Troy Fuhrman, JD'93 (BA'90)




 Below are a few ways alumni can stay involved with Vanderbilt Law School.

  • Reunion Weekend

    Reunion Weekend takes place each fall, usually in October, so that alumni can reunite every five years after graduation to commemorate their experiences as students and to catch up with each other. Reunion class promotion chairs are recruited to help plan events and promote attendance while fundraising chairs encourage their classmates to make a gift or pledge in honor of their reunion. If you want to be involved in your Reunion, please call 615-322-2606 or e-mail Development & Alumni Relations.

  • Class Agent Program

    Class Agent program Every fall class agents from each graduating class lend their assistance to the law school's fundraising efforts by writing letters, sending e-mails and making personal phone calls to their classmates encouraging unrestricted giving. The Class Agent Program is a key component of the law school's annual giving campaign.

    Visit the Class Agent website to see a list of all VULS class agents and current fiscal year class giving stats. If your class doesn't have a representative and you would like to find out more about volunteering, or if you would like to simply assist the current class agent, please call 615-322-2606 or e-mail Development & Alumni Relations.

  • Firm Giving Program

    Firm Giving Program Each spring, alumni volunteers representing law firms and corporations on behalf of Vanderbilt encourage their fellow alumni to contribute to the law school. There are alumni representatives at over 100 firms and corporations employing two or more Vanderbilt Law alumni around the globe. Participating firms and companies that achieve 100% alumni giving participation for at least one office location are recognized on the annual Firm Giving Honor Roll.

    Visit the Firm Giving website to view the most current Honor Roll and learn more about how to get involved.

  • Board of Advisors

    law board The Vanderbilt Law School Board of Advisors plays a crucial role in carrying out the school's mission of providing an unparalleled legal education to students and an intellectually vibrant community in which faculty can pursue teaching and scholarly excellence. The Board's members are valued stakeholders who are committed to offering advice and counsel regarding curriculum enhancement, annual giving and academic programs and initiatives. They also partner with the dean and key faculty and staff to mentor students and recent graduates, recruit and interview students for placement in exciting careers, and invest in the scho ol financially while encouraging other alumni and friends to do the same.

  • Admission Interview Program

    We need your help to recruit and interview top students throughout the United States and abroad. If you would like to volunteer as an interviewer, please call 615-322-6452 or e-mail the Admissions Office.

  • Career Services

    Career Services

    As a member of Vanderbilt Law School's extensive alumni network, you can provide essential support to students in a number of ways:

    • Establish a regular recruiting program for summer and permanent associates through your firm by participating in our On-Campus Interviews (OCI) program.
    • Promote the training and qualifications of Vanderbilt law students to other prospective employers.
    • One-on-one mentoring, which involves helping individual students as they decide upon a career path by providing advice on networking, preparation for specific practice areas, current trends in legal practice, and relocation issues. Vanderbilt's Career Services Office can match you with a student interested in mentoring. Your initial communication would typically be by phone or e-mail.

    To offer your assistance in any of these areas, please call 615-322-6192 or e-mail Career Services.

Why I Give -- Tell why you give to Vanderbilt.

  • "Applying as I did in August 1975 for VLS' entering fall 1L class, I had no business being admitted. That the law school was willing to do so earned my undying gratitude, which only grew with the education I received, the culture I encountered (both at the law school and on the campus generally), the lasting friendships I made, and the classmate I met and married. And my son, who was A&S 2006, had an equally wonderful experience. It is an exciting university in the process of fulfilling its potential to be among the best, and it both needs and warrants our support as it goes there.” —Nathaniel Cartmell, JD’78

  • “A Vanderbilt education would not have been possible for me without generous financial support. While there, I learned every day alongside outstanding faculty, staff, and of course, students. I give to support students during their time as Commodores, especially those who have a strong desire to serve their communities. My gift is a symbol of the values I experienced at Vanderbilt: service, opportunity and love.” —Sara Muller, BA’12

  • "I give to Vanderbilt because the experience shaped my character and who I am today. From fond memories with friends and faculty to eventual job opportunities that came forth based on being a Vanderbilt graduate, I’m constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to have gone there and will forever feel indebted.” —Sarah McGlamery, BS’03

  • "I value the education I received at Vanderbilt because it helped me to broaden my perspectives, experiences and self-image. I’ve never been able to give large gifts, but as an ordinary alumnus, it is important for me to give back to Vanderbilt every year, partially repaying those whose past gifts made my education possible.” —William Russell Young, BA’56