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The VULS community includes more than 10,155 alumni who live and practice in 50 states, Washington DC, two U.S. territories, military bases, and 46 nations around the world. We want you to remain an active part of it!

Why I Give -- Tell why you give to Vanderbilt.

  • “Over 30 years have passed since I graduated from Vanderbilt. Yet the great legal education I received there continues to serve me well—through several jobs and several countries. (I am now living in Hong Kong.) I remember fondly all the wonderful teachers and administrators there, whose doors were always open: Professor Blumstein, Dean Wade, Dean Hall, Richard Speight (an adjunct professor for litigation) and Professor Levinson. I'm still in close contact with many of my classmates and my rugby teammates. Vanderbilt not only afforded a great education but also provided many great opportunities to play sports, socialize and have fun. I remember fondly the bi-weekly Blackacre get-togethers. In so many ways, Vanderbilt was a wonderful place, and I will always be grateful.” —Eric Finkelman, JD’82

  • “My three years at Vanderbilt Law School were some of the best of my life. They shaped the course of my life in the legal profession, not simply by the excellent legal education I acquired there, but by the example the faculty set, the expectations of the school in general, and the camaraderie I still have with my VLS classmates and the VLS network around the country.” —Phyllis Leach, JD’92

  • “I credit Vanderbilt for being greatly responsible for the wonderful life I have lived.” —Hon. Gerald L. Ewell Sr., BA’51, JD’53

  • "I value the education I received at Vanderbilt because it helped me to broaden my perspectives, experiences and self-image. I’ve never been able to give large gifts, but as an ordinary alumnus, it is important for me to give back to Vanderbilt every year, partially repaying those whose past gifts made my education possible.” —William Russell Young, BA’56