Vanderbilt Lawyer - Volume 37, Number 1

Now in Print

Tennessee State Senator Roy Herron, '80, has published three books: How Can a Christian Be in Politics? A Guide toward Faithful Politics, Tennessee Political Humor: Some of Those Jokes You Voted For (with L.H. "Cotton" Ivy) and Things Held Dear: Soul Stories for My Sons. Herron, who also holds a Vanderbilt divinity degree, says How Can a Christian Be in Politics? was written to underscore the point that "public service could be an honest, even honorable way to love your neighbor as yourself."

Miscarriage of Justice, a historical novel by Judge Hamilton "Kip" Gayden, '64, was released early in 2008. (see story)

James Gonzales, '72, who has spent his legal career in Colorado, returned to his home state of Alabama to research his memoir, Gunny: Memoirs of Mobile's South Side. The book chronicles the life of Gonzales' father, Emanuel Joseph "Gunny" Gonzales Jr., who served as Alabama's state registrar during the Civil Rights era.

Tim Takacs, '80, has written two treatises on Elder Law for Lexis Law Publishing: A Guide to Elder Law Practice (2007) and Elder Law Practice in Tennessee (1998), both at the invitation of the publisher. (see story)

Bill Norton, '82, is the managing editor of Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice, a series originally started by his father. The new 13-volume edition released in fall 2007 includes articles written by Norton and a team of more than 100 bankruptcy judges and practitioners he assembled as contributors to the treatise. Norton is also the co-author of a supplemental handbook also published by Thomson West, Norton Creditors' Rights Handbook: A Guide to the Debtor-Creditor Relationship.