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2012 Hall-Hartman Outstanding Teaching Awards - Vanderbilt Lawyer (Volume 40, Number 2)

The Hall-Hartman Outstanding Teaching Awards are named in honor of former professor Paul Hartman, a renowned teacher who joined Vanderbilt's law faculty in 1946, retired in 1976, and continued teaching until 1988, and Professor Emeritus Donald J. Hall, an expert in criminal law and dynamic teacher who taught at Vanderbilt from 1970 until his retirement in 2007. These awards are based on the results of a student poll conducted by the Vanderbilt Bar Association. Professors from each of the three 1L sections are honored, along with one professor each for an upper-level course and a seminar.

Edward K. Cheng
Professor of Law

Edward K. Cheng
  • Began teaching at VLS in fall 2011
  • Honored for Evidence

"Professor Cheng does a great job of engaging students by integrating multimedia and popular culture references into class sessions, as well as facilitating one-on-one 'mini-trials' in which students take opposing sides in a hypothetical case and really explore the intricacies of the evidence rules. All of his students came away with a much-enhanced knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence." —Ryan Brooks Class of 2012

Daniel J. Sharfstein
Associate Professor of Law

Daniel J. Sharfstein
  • Began teaching at VLS in 2009
  • Honored for Legal History of Race in America seminar

"Professor Sharfstein's seminar was a wonderful experience. He chose engaging readings that challenged us to think in new ways about race's role in American legal history. In preparation for our culminating writing assignment, he was always willing to discuss ideas and pointed me to sources that I would not have found otherwise. His passion for the course material was clear from the way he taught it." — John Williams Class of 2012

Michael P. Vandenbergh
Director, Energy & Environmental Law Program

Michael P. Vandenbergh
  • Began teaching at VLS in 2002
  • Honored by 1L Section A for Property
  • Also won Hall-Hartman Award for Property in 2011

"Professor Vandenbergh is an exceptional instructor who brought a level of excitement and vigor to each Property class that made everyone eager to tackle a very complex course. He also took an active interest in us outside the classroom, from taking us to lunch to offering solid advice on our personal career goals. It was evident that he genuinely wanted to help us become great lawyers." —Jesssica Nwokocha Class of 2014

Tracey George
Director, Cecil D. Branstetter Litigation & Dispute Resolution Program

Tracey George
  • Began teaching at VLS in 2004
  • Honored by 1L Section B for Contracts
  • Also won Hall-Hartman Awards in 2004 and 2010

"Professor George is an impressive legal scholar. She literally wrote our textbook and displayed in each class a complex grasp of the rationales and incentives behind the law that really taught us the 'why' of contract law. However, her greatest contribution to our section was the sincere care she showed for each student. From outings for coffee to her heartfelt goodbye on the last day of class, it was clear that Professor George deeply values legal education at Vanderbilt." —William Marks Class of 2014

Suzanna Sherry
Herman O. Loewenstein Professor of Law

Suzanna Sherry
  • Began teaching at VLS in 2000
  • Honored by 1L Section C for Civil Procedure
  • Also won Hall-Hartman Awards in 2005, 2009 and 2010

"I was lucky enough to have Professor Sherry for Civil Procedure my first semester. She is brilliant and has a powerful classroom presence, but is grounded and works tirelessly to ensure that her students understand the material. She has very high expectations for all of her students, and her refusal to accept anything but the best out of us made all of us better students and more prepared for the future."" —Merrick Parrott Class of 2014

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