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Susan Watson

Adjunct Visiting Professor of Law
Professor of Law and Deputy Dean, University of Auckland Law School

Susan Watson is a professor of law and deputy dean at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand, where she researches and teaches corporate law and corporate governance. She has a particular interest in the corporate form and in her research seeks to understand how the form developed, why it is so successful, and the economic and societal impact of corporations. Her research has been published widely in New Zealand and internationally; she has edited treatises and textbooks, five collections and numerous articles. Her work has been cited and discussed by other scholars in the field and by courts at all levels including the UK Supreme Court. Until recently Susan was joint editor of the New Zealand Business Law Quarterly, and is currently the New Zealand editor for the Journal of Business Law. In 2016 she won the 2015 Legal Research Foundation Sir Ian Barker Published Article Award for How the Company Became an Entity - A New Understanding of Corporate Law. This award was given for the best article, essay or discrete book chapter published by a New Zealand-based author in 2015. Before joining the law faculty at the University of Auckland, Watson worked as a staff solicitor and associate in two law firms, and taught at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. Before joining the University of Auckland’s law faculty, she taught commercial law in the university’s Business School, where she served as department head from 2008 to 2011 and as associate dean for academic faculty in 2011.