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International Arbitral Process

This course is designed to acquaint students with both public and private international law rules from an arbitral perspective. Special emphasis will be made on international economic law. Inquiry is made into the sources of international law and will include related bodies of rules involving more than one legal and political system. Hence, particular reference will be made to new sources of global law such as the Unidroit Principles for international commercial contracts and lex mercatoria. The focus will be on the understanding of doctrines, institutions and applications using historical, political and jurisprudential perspectives. The topics employed to explore these themes include the following: a) Sources of international law; b) the European Community Law experience; c) the Hague Peace system for intergovernmental dispute settlement and ICJ; d) WTO and economic disputes; e) Mixed arbitration; State contracts; ICSID, the Iran-US Claims Tribunal and UNCC; f) Transnational commercial arbitration.