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Introduction to Corporate Finance for Lawyers

This course provides an introduction to the basic skills needed to understand and evaluate corporate securities, transactions, and financing arrangements. Most of the course is devoted to developing skills for valuing expected cash flow streams, including discounted present value analysis, risk assessment, ratio analysis, and an introduction to forward contracts and options. The course also examines some of the legal issues involved when investors invoke their enforcement or control rights.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Accounting or its equivalent; Corporations or Corporations and Business Entities.

Note: Any student who chooses to take Introduction to Corporate Finance for Lawyers will be required to take the course on a Pass/Fail basis if that student is enrolled as a JD/MBA or JD/MSF student, has earned an MBA, or has previously obtained a minimum grade of "B" in a college-level finance course, with the exception of Personal Finance, Public Finance, or International Finance. All other students are required to take the course for a grade.