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Research Assistance for Credit

One or two hours of pass/fail academic credit per semester may be earned by students who serve as research assistants to members of the faculty in connection with a faculty member's research. Students may receive more than two hours credit for Research Assistance for Credit only by approval of the Assistant Dean for Academic Life. A student may not count more than 6 credit hours of research assistance credit toward meeting the graduation requirements. After a faculty member approves the registration of a student as a research assistant in the program, the student will perform all such research for and on behalf of the faculty member. An approval form to register for the course is available on the VLS Intranet. Students may not receive credit for research for which they are paid. May be repeated for credit more than once if there is no duplication in subject matter, but students may earn only up to 2 credit hours per semester of enrollment. Pass/Fail.

Note: Faculty approval required.