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Sports Law I

This Course will focus on the legal issues that regulate and influence universities and their ability to sponsor and take part in athletics.  What is intercollegiate athletics and why do we have it?  Does it add value to institutions of higher education or pull away from their missions?  Topics covered will include constitutional law, anti-trust law, tort law, contract law, tax law, discrimination law including Title IX and the legal relationship between a university and its student athletes as well as the structure and authority of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the various athletic conferences.  The history of college athletics as well as the business aspects including the influence of television and other media will be covered along with aspects of reform. The issues of concussions and other injuries as well as the interaction between college athletics and society will be explored.

Note: Due to overlap in content, students who enroll in the Sports Law I course will not be eligible to take the Sports and the Law Seminar. Limited Enrollment. [2]