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Human Trafficking: Law, Policy, and Litigation Short Course

This course offers an in depth analysis of human trafficking law and policy as well as practical litigation strategies for criminal prosecutions and civil litigation.  Forced labor, modern-day slavery, and sex trafficking have become an increasing lucrative crimes and a prosecution priority.  With real world examples and hands-on learning, this course will examine current legal trends and new business models traffickers employ, including front businesses, labor recruiters, organized crime, and gang-related trafficking.  In addition to learning about specific recruiting and grooming techniques, the course will also cover effective interviewing strategies for victims, witnesses, and traffickers.  The course will also address the intersection of cutting edge evidentiary issues, immigration relief, survivor stabilization, and trial strategies.  Students will be exposed to all aspects of the United States approach to combat trafficking and comparative international approaches from the United Nations and countries throughout the world. Pass/Fail. [1]