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Financial Markets: Past Present and Future Seminar

This seminar explores core ideas in financial markets design and regulation. The course will explore the following: (1) why do we have financial markets and what are their purposes. For this part of the seminar, we will read some classic economics and finance papers that reflect upon the role of financial markets in society and how these impact optimal design choices for regulation; (2) what are the big changes that are impacting financial markets design and regulation. In this segment, we will think about the impact of technology, populism and some global geopolitical forces on market evolution (e.g., how will artificial intelligence impact financial markets design and what does this mean for market function and regulation?); and (3) the final part of this seminar will reflect on the future of financial markets. We will think about what financial markets will look like in the near future, reflecting the kinds of dynamics we examine in Part 2 and the basic functions we expect from financial markets and their regulation, as discussed in Part 1. This seminar is a “big think” class, focused on large themes about how the modern financial market fits into the changing political economy of U.S. society and how its evolution will reflect and impact the society. [3 credits] Enrollment limited