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Stanton Foundation First Amendment Clinic

The Stanton Foundation First Amendment Clinic will introduce students to civil litigation implicating First Amendment rights of persons and organizations otherwise unable to afford counsel for those matters. Casework will focus on free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. Through, and in preparation for, the representation of their clients, students will learn the foundational principles of current First Amendment doctrine, including prior restraint, time/place/manner restrictions, content and viewpoint discrimination, and the intersection of the rights protected by the Amendment. Students will also develop core skills essential to legal advocacy, including: client interviewing and counseling; research, writing, and drafting; discovery; oral and written advocacy; negotiation; and client-centered lawyering. Critical reflection, consistent engagement with ethical rules, and examination of the role of the lawyer in a legal system and the local community will assist students in developing a professional understanding of their work. [4 credits] Limited Enrollment.

Note: This course is not a substitute for the First Amendment doctrinal course; prior exposure to First Amendment law is welcome, though not required.

Note: This clinic requires that students attend a “boot camp” to be scheduled on the weekend prior to the start of classes.

Note: A "no drop" policy will be in place once students have registered. Only the individual clinic professor can grant a waiver of this policy.