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Bans, Walls & Raids: Civil Rights in an Era of Fear Short Course

The Executive Branch has broad power to act for the public good and is afforded considerable latitude in the national security and immigration contexts. Still its powers are limited by various constitutional and statutory protections. This course will explore the use of executive power by the Trump administration in the national security and immigration contexts and the tension between public safety and the need to safeguard civil rights. Special emphasis will be placed on policies drafted and executed by this administration and its various agencies, including the travel ban, immigration raids, repeal of DACA and TPS, the separation and detention of immigrant families, and much more. We will also examine the antecedents to these policies, and explore whether they are a departure from prior policies or just an extension of them. Throughout the course, we will pay special attention to those most acutely impacted by these policies, and explore whether they should have a voice in legal and policy discussions, and if so, how. We will conclude the course by examining various ways in which these policies have been contested, including organizing, policy reform, county and state nullification, and organizing. Pass/Fail.