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Advanced Topics in International Humanitarian Law

[Formerly LAW 883] This class focuses on cutting-edge controversies related to the rules of international humanitarian law (IHL), which is the body of law specifically designed to regulate situations of armed conflict (also termed the laws and customs of war). IHL issues are at the core of current political and legal developments, and often arise in the context of extradition proceedings. After reviewing important historical developments in the law of armed conflict, the seminar features case studies of modern controversies related to rule of law development during ongoing operations. It uses the new US Law of War Manual as a point of comparison to the practices of other nations, the jurisprudence of international judicial bodies, and recent national court rulings. Other issues include debates over progressive development of IHL, the modern trend of international investigations, and the applicability of human rights law in armed conflict.

Note: Due to overlap in content, students who enroll in this course will not be eligible to take the Advanced Topics in International Humanitarian Law Seminar.