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Housing Law Clinic

Students in the Housing Law Clinic will represent low-income tenants and homeowners from across the state of Tennessee in a wide variety of matters that directly impact their housing. Students will defend clients in eviction and foreclosure actions, represent them in Fair Housing claims, work with local housing authorities to protect their federally subsidized housing benefits, and negotiate settlements with private landlords. Students will also work directly with governmental and nonprofit agencies to create educational materials for tenants and homeowners and to effect state-level policy change affecting this vulnerable population.

Students in the Housing Law Clinic will take primary responsibility and decision-making authority for their cases under the mentorship of the clinic faculty member. Classes will provide a strong foundation in substantive housing law, including the Federal Regulations governing public housing benefits and subsidized housing, the Fair Housing Act, and the Tennessee Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Classes will also be taught on substantive subjects specific to representing low-income tenants and homeowners, including the impact on housing insecurity on families and children, the lack of adequate affordable housing options in Nashville specifically, and the ways in which people of color are disproportionately impacted by evictions and foreclosures. Enrollment limited.

Note: This clinic requires that students attend a “boot camp” to be scheduled on the weekend prior to the start of classes.
Note: A "no drop" policy will be in place once students have registered. Only the individual clinic professor can grant a waiver of this policy.