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International Labor Migration: Lawyering for Social Justice in Comparative Contexts Short Course

This course will draw on multidisciplinary analysis and case studies to examine transnational labor migration flows, governance issues under national and international legal regimes, and innovative approaches to defending migrant worker human and labor rights in home and destination countries. We will explore the interplay between the modern human rights and labor movements, analyze the advocacy strategies adopted to address labor rights violations, and evaluate the opportunities and tradeoffs inherent in the different approaches.

With estimates from the International Labor Organization of over 150 million migrant workers in the world today, the costs and benefits of international labor migration are garnering increased attention. While temporary guestworker programs (also referred to as circular migration) are often highlighted as a benefit for home and destination countries and workers, even in these legally regulated programs many migrants are subject to deceptive or coercive practices in recruitment and work at times rising to the level of forced labor and labor trafficking. Pass/Fail.