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Criminal Practice Clinic

Students obtain experience in pretrial, trial, and post-conviction matters under the close supervision of clinical faculty. Students represent individuals charged with felonies from indictment through disposition - either trial or plea negotiation and sentencing - and, in some instances, on appeal. In addition, students handle post-conviction relief petitions on behalf of persons in prison. Four credits are awarded in the first semester in which the student is enrolled, which includes a series of introductory classes on the lawyering process and relevant issues of substantive law and procedure. [4 credits] Enrollment limited. 

Recommended: Evidence and Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Note: This clinic requires that students attend a “boot camp” to be scheduled on the weekend prior to the start of classes.

Note: A "no drop" policy will be in place once students have registered. Only the individual clinic professor can grant a waiver of this policy.