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Faculty Presentations

Fall 2017

September 11: Christopher Slobogin, Testimony to Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Bill 378 (exempting people with serious mental illness from the death penalty), Nashville, Tennessee

September 12: Rebecca Allensworth, testimony on Occupational Licensing: Regulation and Competition before the House Judiciary Subcommittee, Washington, DC

September 15: Kevin Stack, "United States v. Trump: Prosecuting Presidents," Constitution Day Public Lecture, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

September 18: Tim Meyer, “Misaligned Lawmaking,” Conference on the Next Generation of International Trade Agreements, Athens, Georgia

September 20: Mike Newton, "The Quartet v. Qatar: CyberAttacks and the Effects of Fake News", From Cyber Attack To Disruptive Measures, The Unprecedented Blockade Against the State of Qatar, 72nd United Nations General Assembly Session, New York

September 23: JB Ruhl, “Topic Modeling the President—Conventional Versus Computational Methods,” Vermont Law School Annual Scholarship Colloquium, Norwich, Vermont

September 28: Joseph Fishman, "Music as a Matter of Law," Law & Technology Faculty Workshop, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 28, Yesha Yadav, "Presentation on Bank Ownership and Regulation," University of Nebraska Law School Yeutter Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

September 29: Christopher Slobogin, “Risk Assessment Principles in Sentencing and Policing,” Ohio State Law School symposium, Columbus, Ohio

October 10: Owen Jones, The Henry J. Miller Distinguished Lecture, "Frontiers in Neurolaw: Justice, Technology, and the Brain,” Georgia State University College of Law, Atlanta, Georgia

October 13: Brian Fitzpatrick, “One-Way Fee Shifting After Summary Judgment,” Symposium on The Future of Discovery, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee

October 13: Jim Rossi, "Valuing Resource Diversity in Energy Markets," Harvard Law School Environmental Law Policy Institute Workshop on Regulatory Paths Forward for a Cleaner Grid, Cambridge, Massachusetts

October 13, Michael Vandenbergh, "Beyond Politics," Environmental Law Workshop: Taking Stock/Moving Forward , Renewable Energy: Markets, Behavior and Law Panel, University of Virginia Law School, Charlottesville, Virginia

October 17: Brian Fitzpatrick, “The Conservative Case for Class Actions,” Pepperdine Law School, Malibu, California

October 17: Yesha Yadav, "Presentation on Bank Ownership and Regulation," University of Hastings Law School Faculty Workshop, San Francisco, California

October 18: Christopher Slobogin, “Risk Assessment Principles in Sentencing,” Utah Law School workshop, Salt Lake City, Utah

October 19: Brian Fitzpatrick, panelist, “Are MDLs Working? An Assessment of Centralization,” Multidistrict Litigation Conference, Kirkland & Ellis, Washington, DC

October 19: Yesha Yadav, "Presentation on Bank Ownership and Regulation,” University of Berkeley Law and Economics Workshop, Berkeley, California

October 19-20: Michael Vandenbergh, "Beyond Politics," The Case for Renewable Power in the Southeast: Local Government and Private Sector Demand conference, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee

October 20: Brian Fitzpatrick, “One-Way Fee Shifting After Summary Judgment,” Midwestern Law & Economics Association Annual Meeting, Marquette Law School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 20: Randall Thomas, The Pileggi Lecture, "Delaware’s Retreat: Exploring Developing Fissures and Tectonic Shifts in Delaware Corporate Law," Delaware Journal of Corporation Law, Wilmington, Delaware

October 26: Brian Fitzpatrick, panelist, “The Conservative Case for Class Actions—A Monumental Debate,” American Bar Association’s National Institute on Class Actions, Washington, DC

October 26: Tim Meyer, “Saving the Political Consensus in Favor of Free Trade,” Invited Lecture to the European Commission, Directorate General of Trade, Brussels, Belgium

October 26-27: Michael Vandenbergh, keynote address, "Beyond Politics," Private Environmental Governance Symposium, University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, Arkansas

October 27: Sara Mayeux, “The Cold War Right to Counsel,” American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada

October 27: Jim Rossi, "Universal Service for Utility 2.0," presentation to and discussion Leader for George Washington University Collaborative Conversation on Energy Topics, Washington, DC

October 27: Paige Marta Skiba, “Behavioral Biases in Litigation and Judicial Decision Making,” Behavioral Economics Roundtable at Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee

October 28: Ed Cheng, “Surprise vs. Probability as a Metric for Proof,” Seton Hall Law School, Symposium in Honor of Michael Risinger, Newark, New Jersey

November: Yesha Yadav, "Fintech and Algorithmic Trading," Office of Financial Research/Michigan Law School, Invited Panelist, Ann Arbor, Michigan

November 2: Christopher Slobogin, “Criminal Competencies,” AAFP workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada

November 3: Sean B. Seymore, “Patenting the Unexplained,” Third Annual Patent Scholars Roundtable, Washington, DC

November 8: Jim Rossi, "Valuing Resource Diversity in Energy Markets," Florida State University Environmental Law Program Forum on Energy Markets, Tallahassee, Florida

November 8-9: Christopher Slobogin, Defense of “Suspicionless Searches & Seizures” and “Databases,” chapters in ALI’s Policing Project, at Advisory Committee and Members’ Consultative Group meeting, Philadelphia

November 9: Jim Rossi, "Energy Exactions," Florida State University College of Law Faculty Workshop, Tallahassee, Florida

November 15: Tim Meyer, “Misaligned Lawmaking,” Conference on Rethinking Free Trade: Liberal International Economic Order in the Wake of Brexit and Trump, Academia Sinica, Tapei, Taiwan

November 16: Christopher Slobogin, “Criminal Mental Health Law in a Nutshell,” CLE for Nashville attorneys, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee

November 17: Jim Rossi, "Energy Exactions," Northwestern University Searle Center Program on Energy Regulation, Technology and Transaction Costs: Cross-Cutting Perspectives, Chicago, Illinois

November 17: Christopher Slobogin, Criminal Justice Roundtable, convenor and commentator on Morgan Cloud, "Property is Privacy: Locke and Brandeis in the Twenty-First Century," and five other papers, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee

November 17-19: Kip Viscusi, "The Dynamic Relationship between Social Norms and Pro-Environmental Behavior: Evidence from Household Recycling," Southern Economic Association 87th Annual Meetings, Tampa, Florida

November 18: Kevin Stack, panelist, "Administrative Agencies and Separation of Powers," Federalist Society National Lawyer's Convention, Washington, D.C.

November 18: Michael Vandenbergh, panelist, ""Environmental Law without Congress: Are Alternatives to Legislation Eclipsing the Congressional Role in Setting Priorities for Environmental Protection?" Federalist Society National Lawyer’s Convention, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC

November 19: Brian Fitzpatrick, “The Conservative Case for Class Actions,” National Consumer Law Center Class Action Symposium, Washington, DC

November 20: Paige Marta Skiba, "Understanding Litigation and Judicial Behavior in a Highly Litigious Country: Evidence from Small Claims Court in Italy,” Law and Economics Workshop, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

December 1-2: Yesha Yadav, "Fintech and Financial Intermediation," Office of Financial Research/Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Invited Panelist, Cleveland, Ohio

December 5: Timothy Meyer, “The Backlash Against Globalization—Tectonic Shift or Temporary Setback,” The European Commission’s European Trade Policy Day: Trade Policy in a Turbulent World, Brussels, Belgium

December 7: Michael Vandenbergh, "Beyond Politics," North Carolina State University, SE Climate Science Center, Raleigh, North Carolina

December 8: Brian Fitzpatrick, panelist, “Hot Topics in Class Action and Mass Torts,” Miami Law Class Action and Complex Litigation Forum, University of Miami Law School, Coral Gables, Florida

December 17-20: Yesha Yadav, "Bank Ownership and Regulation/Speed Bumps in Market Regulation," Vanderbilt Law School/IGIDR Emerging Markets Finance Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee

Spring 2018

January 6: Paige Marta Skiba, “Bankruptcy Reform for Consumers: Issues the Bankruptcy Commission Should Consider”, Association of American Law Schools 112th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California

January 13: Sara Mayeux, “Critical Legal Historicism,” Stanford Law School, Conference Celebrating Bob Gordon’s Taming the Past, Stanford, California

January 16: Paige Marta Skiba, Law and Economics Colloquium at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Canada

February 8: Michael Vandenbergh, "Beyond Politics," Penn State Law School Faculty Workshop, College Station, Pennsylvania

February 13: Paige Marta Skiba, Law and Economics Workshop at the University of Virginia Law School, Charlottesville, Virginia

February 15: Jim Rossi, "Exiting Energy Markets?", Duke Law Journal Annual Administrative Law Symposium on Regulatory Exit, Durham, North Carolina

March 2: Ed Cheng, "Thoughts on Daubert at 25 Years," Defense Research Institute, Toxic Tort and Environmental Law Seminar, Nashville, Tennessee

March 5: Ed Cheng, “Moving Beyond the Witness,” University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Faculty Workshop, Toronto, Canada

March 6: Ed Cheng, "Fair Division of Attorneys' Fees," University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Law and Economics Colloquium, Toronto, Canada

March 29: Ed Cheng, "Fair Division of Attorneys' Fees," George Mason University Law School, Law and Economics Colloquium, Arlington, Virginia

April 6: Sara MayeuxIdaho Law Review Symposium on Terry v. Ohio at 50, University of Idaho College of Law, Boise, Idaho

April 26: Ed Cheng, “Beyond Fake News: Lay Decisions About Expert Topics,” Lund University Faculty of Law, Colloquium on Evidence Theory, Lund, Sweden