“Debating Immigration,” a book of essays edited by Carol Swain, released by Cambridge University Press

Apr 22, 2007

Swain CoverDebating Immigration, a book of essays edited by Carol Swain, professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt, has been released by Cambridge University Press. The book presents 18 original essays, written by leading experts and preeminent scholars, that explore the nuances of contemporary immigration and citizenship affecting the United States and Europe. The volume is organized around the themes of religion and philosophy, law and policy, economics and demographics, race and ethnicity, and cosmopolitanism. Critical questions addressed include the disconnect between public attitudes about immigration and the policies produced by elected officials, and why the United States not developed a well-articulated public philosophy of immigration.

"The American public deserves better representation on immigration than it has received from Washington and from other elites in positions of power and decision-making roles,” writes Professor Swain in the book’s introduction. “Whatever reforms are initiated must take into account the needs and desires of native-born Americans.”

In addition to Professor Swain, contributors to Debating Immigration include Peter H. Schuck, Elizabeth F. Cohen, James R. Edwards, Stephen Macedo, Linda Bosniak, Noah Pickus, Peter Skerry, Rogers M. Smith, Douglas S. Massey, Steven Camarota, Peter Brimelow, Charles Westoff, Amitai Etzioni, Jonathan Tilove, Randall Hansen, Marc M. Howard and Nathan Glazer.

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