Founders Circle Dinner

More than 125 alumni and guests attended the Founders Circle Dinner at the law school on April 10. Dean Chris Guthrie thanked Founders Circle members, who make annual gifts of $2,500 and up (or $1,000 and up for alumni of the last 10 years), noting that they provide critical support for students, faculty members and programs. Chet Gerdts ’78 was honored posthumously with the Distinguished Alumni Award and former Metro Nashville District Attorney Torry Johnson ’74 was given the Distinguished Service Award.

Photos by Susan Urmy

Charlie (BA’13), Elizabeth, and Emily Gerdts, family of Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient Charles “Chet” Gerdts III ’78, with longtime friend Patrick Mulloy II ’77 (BA’74), and Dean Chris Guthrie.
Dean Chris Guthrie and Mary Leyden Johnson (BSN’72), with Distinguished Service Award recipient Victor “Torry” Johnson ’74.
Morgan Morrison ’15, Peter Blumeyer ’15 (BA’12), Danielle Chien ’15 and Lucy Liu ’15.
Lucy Liu ’15, Achumboro Ataande ’15, Jim Cuminale ’78 and Richard Carmody ’75.
Andy Bayman ’89, Andrew Byrd ’79 (BA’76) and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean ’81.

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