Four Vanderbilt Law professors win teaching awards

Vanderbilt Law students recently recognized four members of the faculty for teaching excellence. Edward Cheng, Tracey George, Terry Maroney and Daniel Sharfstein received the Hall-Hartman Awards at the April Blackacre.

Students recognized Professors Edward Cheng, Daniel Sharfstein, Tracey George and Terry Maroney for excellence in teaching at the April Blackacre. (Photo by Anne Rayner)

“It is extremely hard to win a teaching award at Vanderbilt Law School because of the many outstanding teachers on our faculty,” Dean Chris Guthrie said. “Professors cherish this recognition because it comes directly from the students they’ve taught.”

Hall-Hartman Awards are a longstanding Vanderbilt tradition recognizing outstanding faculty in each first-year student section and for large and small upper-level elective courses. Named for revered former professors Donald J. Hall and Paul Hartman, the awards are based on a student poll administered by the student-led Vanderbilt Bar Association.

Professor Edward Cheng, whose research and teaching focus on evidence law, received two Hall-Hartman Awards, one for his first-year Torts course and one for his upper-level course.

Professor Tracey George, recently appointed to the Tarkington Chair of Teaching Excellence, was honored for her first-year Contracts course. George directs Vanderbilt’s Cecil D. Branstetter Litigation & Dispute Resolution Program.

Professor Terry Maroney, also a professor in the College of Arts & Science’s Medicine, Health and Society program, was recognized for her upper-level teaching. She co-directs the Social Justice Program.

Professor Daniel Sharfstein was honored for his first-year course in Property Law. Sharfstein, who co-directs Vanderbilt’s Social Justice Program with Maroney, was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship this spring.

Summer 2013 Vanderbilt Law Magazine