Gervais establishes to serve as TRIPS resource repository

Jan 31, 2012

Daniel Gervais, who co-directs Vanderbilt’s Intellectual Property Program, has been blogging about the TRIPS Agreement, which addresses the trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, since 2008. This month, Professor Gervais has completely redesigned a website,, which includes the text of the TRIPS Agreement; resources ranging from GATT negotiation documents and DOHA round documents to panel decisions, books, articles and video files; and Gervais’ own commentary on TRIPS.

As a separate feature, the site contains a partial database of copyright cases from United States and Canadian courts since 1978, which is searchable according to criteria that should facilitate the use of the data by researchers and scholars.

Gervais invites TRIPS scholars and other interested parties not only to use the site as a resource, but also to contribute content. “I’ve established to serve as a resource repository for all information relating to the TRIPS Agreement,” he said. “My hope is that anyone who needs to research the TRIPS Agreement and understand the current status of case law can use this site as a starting point.”

Gervais will serve as the site’s moderator.

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