Kimberly Ingram ’15

Kimberly Ingram participated in her first legal deposition at age 11, and her experience serving as a witness in the resulting criminal trial three years later piqued her interest in studying law. Participating in a Mock Trial competition while studying communications and political science at Clemson University confirmed her desire to become a lawyer. “I loved mock trial and then took several law-focused classes to see if law school was for me,” she said.

When Ingram began researching and applying to law schools as a college senior, “Vanderbilt was high on my list,” she recalled. “My decision ultimately came down to two schools, and I chose Vanderbilt because of the environment here. People were genuinely happy and very interested in you.”

Ingram loved her undergraduate experience at Clemson, where she thrived, and was surprised to find herself enjoying her law school classes and experience at Vanderbilt even more. “Vanderbilt surpassed my expectations as far as the community and professors are concerned,” she said. “The community of students is amazingly supportive—people here are genuinely happy for each other’s accomplishments. And I had incredible professors. I enjoyed my classes so much more than I ever thought I would.”

Ingram worked with two firms as a summer associate in 2013 and found her required first-year Regulatory State class—in which students learn about government regulatory agencies and policy—particularly helpful. “Professor [Ganesh] Sitaraman made Regulatory State especially interesting, and last summer, I found that the things I learned came up often,” she said. She also enjoyed her Civil Procedure class with Professor Suzanna Sherry. “Civil Procedure is all about the intricacies of how things play out, and Professor Sherry communicates the concepts so well and really helps you understand them,” Ingram said. In summer 2014, she returned to both firms where she had worked the previous summer and spent two weeks with a third firm. She is now an associate with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, based in Nashville.

In addition to graduating summa cum laude from Clemson, where she won the award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research, Ingram served in student government throughout her time in undergrad and was active in many student organizations and interest groups. “I was one of those people who was involved in everything,” she said. At Vanderbilt, Ingram’s goal for her first year was “don’t sign up for everything!” She focused on her law classes as a 1L and then chose to participate in “a few activities I really cared about.” During their 2L year, she and her partner, Sean Hastings, won Best Brief and advanced to the semi-finals of the Moot Court competition. She also joined the Law Review’s staff as a 2L and then served as its senior notes editor in 2014-15.

As a Vanderbilt Law student, Ingram particularly enjoyed volunteering with Street Law, a program through which students teach weekly classes about basic legal rights to homeless clients of Nashville’s Room at the Inn Program. “We taught lessons in torts, contracts and basic criminal law, which revolved around arrest and knowing your rights,” she said. “The men in our classes ask really insightful questions—things I might not have otherwise thought about. I was glad to be involved.”