Photos from Reunion 2016

VLS welcomed back 460 alumni and guests from years ending in 1 and 6 Oct. 21-22. The festivities began with an all-class cocktail reception Friday night and continued with brunch and class parties on Saturday. We raised an impressive $1,530,912 in gifts and pledges thanks to class chairs Rob Ledyard ’66, Allen Lentz ’71, Mike Kelly ’76, Jane Wilson ’81, Adam and Laura Peck ’86, Mark Schein and Greg Bressler ’91, Jason Conti and Buzz Frahn ’96, Erica de Vries and Ethan Simon ’01, Brook Mestre ’06 and Lauren Curry ’11, and promotion chairs Paul Geier ’71, Chuck Dunn ’76, Bill Leader ’81, Angela Kennedy ’86, Anne LaMastra ’91, Matt Minner ’96, Joycelyn Stevenson ’01, Amanda Wick ’06, and Richard ’11 and Lauren Jacques ’11.

Photos by Dusty Draper and Terry Wyatt

Alumni Summer 2017 Vanderbilt Law Magazine