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Jim Blumstein on “How to End Obamacare” in Wall Street Journal commentary

Sep. 19, 2017—Blumstein proposes that Republicans "pass a two-page bill clarifying that Congress did not intend to use its taxing power to enforce the individual mandate."

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Tim Meyer discusses constitutional obstacles to withdrawing from NAFTA

Aug. 16, 2017—"Even if the United States leaves NAFTA, the president will still be bound to implement the agreement's rules on the terms dictated by Congress until Congress says otherwise," Meyer notes in a post on The Conversation.

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Brian Fitzpatrick supports downsizing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Law360 editorial

Aug. 1, 2017—"There is a nonpartisan, good government reason for" splitting the 9th Circuit, Fitzpatrick writes: "Smaller circuits minimize outlier decisions in both directions."

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The Original Sin of Banking Law

Oct. 27, 2016—Morgan Ricks explains the genesis of his book, The Money Problem, which offers a simple solution to the problem created by short-term borrowing. In 2009 I joined the U.S. Treasury Department as a member of the Crisis Response Team, a small group of Wall Street professionals—investment bankers, traders and buyout specialists—whom Secretary Timothy Geithner had...

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