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Intellectual property law in the information age

Jul. 25, 2018—This edition of Vanderbilt Law focuses on intellectual property law from the perspectives of several exceptional faculty and alumni. Mitch Glazier ’91, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, who is featured on our cover, has watched the incredible evolution of music copyright since the advent of the internet era. Our copyright experts, Milton...

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From the Dean Summer 2018 Vanderbilt Law Magazine

The interdisciplinary impact of Vanderbilt’s Climate Change Research Network

Jan. 25, 2018—When I was considering accepting a faculty appointment at Vanderbilt 16 years ago, the law school’s location on the Vanderbilt campus was a big point in its favor, because I knew VLS’s on-campus location would facilitate productive interaction and collaboration with faculty colleagues in other schools, fields and departments. As dean, I’ve had the pleasure...

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From the Dean Vanderbilt Law Magazine Winter 2018

Vanderbilt’s Expansive Reach

Jul. 24, 2017—I first came to Vanderbilt as a visiting professor for the fall 2001 semester—the last year Jonathan Charney, who helped Vanderbilt’s international law program gain national prominence, taught before his untimely death. Vanderbilt’s other renowned international scholar, Harold G. Maier, was my colleague until his retirement in 2006. Jon had taught at Vanderbilt since 1972;...

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From the Dean Summer 2017 Vanderbilt Law Magazine

A Significant Positive Impact

Oct. 27, 2016—In this issue of Vanderbilt Law, we celebrate the endowment of the George Barrett Social Justice Program by Darren Robbins ’93. Darren first met George Barrett ’57 in 1997 when he was seeking a Nashville-based co-counsel in a securities fraud case. Despite the fact that George graduated from law school before Darren was born, the...

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Fall 2016 From the Dean Vanderbilt Law Magazine