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Criminal Law

Name Title(s) Contact
Mark Cohen Justin Potter Professor of American Competitive Enterprise
Professor of Law
University Fellow, Resources for the Future
Email (615) 322-0533
Owen Jones Glenn M. Weaver, M.D. and Mary Ellen Weaver Chair in Law, Brain, and Behavior
Professor of Law
Professor of Biological Sciences
Director, MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience
Email (615) 322-7191
Nancy King Lee S. and Charles A. Speir Chair in Law
Email (615) 343-9836
Terry Maroney Professor of Law
Professor of Medicine, Health and Society
Chancellor Faculty Fellow
Email (615) 343-3491
Sara Mayeux Associate Professor of Law
Associate Professor of History
Email (615) 322-2615
Robert Mikos Professor of Law
Email (615) 343-7184
Michael Newton Professor of the Practice of Law
Professor of the Practice of Political Science
Director, Vanderbilt-in-Venice Program
Email (615) 322-2912
Edward Rubin University Professor of Law and Political Science
Email (615) 322-5620
Christopher Slobogin Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law
Director, Criminal Justice Program
Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry
Email (615) 343-2059
Cara Suvall Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Email 615-343-2659