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Jennifer Bennett Shinall

Jennifer Bennett Shinall


Professor Jennifer Bennett Shinall's research interests are employment law, labor economics, and legal and economic history. Her research examines the effects of obesity on the labor market and how the legal system can address these effects. (Read more)


January 6-8, 2017: "Opting Out and Division of Marital Assets," Allied Social Science Associations/American Economic Association Meeting, Chicago, IL

January 3-7, 2017: "Empirical Methods for Lawyers," Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

December 2016: "Opting Out and Division of Marital Assets," Georgetown University Law and Economics Workshop, Washington, DC

November 28, 2016: "Opting Out and Division of Marital Assets," University of Texas Law and Economics Workshop, Austin, TX

November 19-21, 2016: "Opting Out and Division of Marital Assets," Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

November 1, 2016: "Opting Out and Division of Marital Assets," University of Toronto Law and Economics Workshop, Toronto, ON

November 2016: "Intersectional Complications of Healthism," Healthism: Health-Status Discrimination and the Law Book Symposium, University of Houston, Houston, TX

May 20-21, 2016: "Something to Talk About: Information Exchange Under Employment Law,"
American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MA

May 13, 2016: "Unfulfilled Promises: Discrimination and the Denial of Essential Health Benefits Under the Affordable Care Act," Tennessee Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN

May 5-6, 2016: "Measuring Employee Health: Balancing Costs, Control, and Controversy," American Bar Foundation Research Group on Legal Diversity, Conference on Metrics, Diversity, and Law, Chicago, IL

March 29, 2016: "Something to Talk About: Information Exchange under Employment Law," University of Pennsylvania Law, Economics, and Psychology Workshop, Philadelphia, PA

March 18, 2016: "Something to Talk About: Information Exchange under Employment Law," Vanderbilt Empirical Applied Microeconomics Work-in-Progress Seminar Series, Nashville, TN

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MarketWatch: How stay-at-home moms can get credit for diaper changes on their résumés
A New York City ad agency has invented a fictional company called The Pregnancy Pause — complete with logo, website, and phone number — that women can list on their résumés as their “employer” during the time they spend away from work raising kids. Women who have a résumé gap and don’t explain it are far less likely to get hired than those who do explain the gap, according to a study co-authored by Jennifer Bennett Shinall, assistant professor of law, and Joni Hersch, professor of law and economics. Shinall is quoted in the article. (June 22, 2017)

Professor Shinall's paper, "Something to Talk About: Information Exchange Under Employment Law," coauthored with Joni Hersch, was featured in the New York Times article, "A Child Care Gap in the Résumé: Whether to Explain or Not." The paper, which is forthcoming in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, examines information exchange in the hiring process. (May 2016)

Their research on this topic has received international media attention. [Featured at Research News @Vanderbilt] [Read at Bloomberg] [Read at Slate] [Listen at NPR On Point] [Read at Motto] [Read at The Economic Times] [Read at DailyMail.Co.UK] [Read at Business Standard] [Read at] [Read at] [Read at Glamour] [Read at Marie Claire]

A recent study, authored by Professor Shinall, reports that overweight and obese women are more likely to work in the most labor intensive, lowest paying jobs. Her research has received national media attention. [Read at] [Watch at The Wall Street Journal] [Read at The Huffington Post] [Read at National Geographic] [Read at The Washington Post] [Listen at NPR] [Read at Forbes] [Read at The Guardian] [Read at Glamour] [Read at Futurity] [Read at Think Progress]

Read Professor Shinall's paper on the topic, "Why Obese Workers Earn Less: Occupational Sorting and Its Implications for the Legal System." (October 2014)

Professor Shinall's research on overweight women in the labor market and the female wage penalty for obese women is featured in Research News @ VU . (October 2014)

Professor Shinall is featured in Research News @ VU as a new faculty member at Vanderbilt Law School. The article also highlights her research on obesity and workplace discrimination. (October 2014)

Professor Shinall was invited to participate in the Law and Society Association's Early Career Workshop in May 2014. The workshop encourages new faculty to move their research and writing toward law-and-society topics, and to further develop their awareness of the field and the scholars working in those areas. (May 2014)


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