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Ph.D. Program in 
Law & Economics

Earn a J.D. and a Ph.D. in law and economics
from Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt Law School’s Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics is unlike any other.

Dual-degree students pursue a law degree and a Ph.D. concurrently in a fully-integrated curriculum combining economic theory and methodology with the study of law. The program is designed so that students complete both degrees in just six years.

Admitted students receive full tuition funding for both degrees and a competitive stipend package. 

Program faculty guide students through an innovative law and economics curriculum where students pursue policy-relevant research within a wide range of fields, such as behavioral law and economics, labor markets and human resources, and risk and environmental regulation. 

Program graduates have obtained prestigious judicial clerkships, faculty positions in law schools and economics departments, and jobs in government, consulting, and legal practice.



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If you have not taken the LSAT, you may be eligible to apply with GRE scores only.

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