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J.D. Admissions Recruiting and Interview Events Calendar


Recruiting events

Each academic year, Vanderbilt Law School admissions representatives attend a variety of student recruiting events across the nation. More information about these events is available through the Admissions Office - 615.322.6452 or

Interviewing events

To complement more than 900 VLS alumni conducting in-person admission interviews across 42 states, D.C., and abroad, VLS admissions officers visit a number of cities and campuses to conduct scheduled in-person interviews with individual applicants (see locations and dates below). 

Schedule an admission interview in a location near you here: Admission Interview Program Information  December 1 deadline for initiating interview arrangements.


LSAC Forum Recruiting Events

LSAC Forum Information ...

LSAC   Atlanta 10/13/17
LSAC Bay Area 11/02/17
LSAC Boston 11/10/17
LSAC Chicago  10/10/17
LSAC Houston  10/28/17
LSAC Los Angeles  11/04/17
LSAC Miami  10/07/17
LSAC New York 10/20 and 10/21/17
LSAC Toronto  09/18/17



Consortium and Area Recruiting Events

MINK (MO/IA/NE/KS) Law Day 09/07/17
National Black Pre-Law Fair, NYU 11/11/17
Philadelphia Area Law Fair 10/23/17
LatinoJustice PRLDEF 10/07/17
Washington, DC   Law School Fair 10/24/17



Campus Law Fairs

(see below for campus interview events)

Arizona   State University 10/30/17
Baylor University 10/25/17
Brigham Young University 11/02/17
College of William and Mary 09/29/17
Cornell University 09/26/17
Davidson College 11/09/17
Emory Networking Night 10/12/17
Florida State University 10/09/17
Hendrix College  09/19/17
Indiana University 09/28/17
Miami University 10/18/17
Ohio State University 10/19/17
Portland State University 11/13/17
Rhodes College 09/20/17
Southern Methodist University 10/24/17
Texas A&M University 10/23/17
University of Arizona 10/31/17
University of California -   Berkeley 09/27/17
University of California - Los   Angeles 11/06/17
University of Colorado 11/03/17
University of Florida 10/18/17
University of Georgia 10/11/17
University of Illinois 09/27/17
University of Iowa 09/26/17
University of Kansas 09/06/17
University of Kentucky 10/16/17
University of Memphis 09/21/17
University of Michigan 09/29/17
University of Mississippi  09/11/17
University of North Carolina 11/08/17
University of Notre Dame 10/11/17
University of Oregon 11/11/17
University of South Carolina 10/10/17
University of Southern   California 11/06/17
University of Texas  10/26/17
University of the South 09/25/17
University of Utah 11/01/17
University of Virginia 09/27/17
University of Washington 11/09/17
University of Wisconsin 09/25/17
Vanderbilt University 10/16/17
Wake Forest University 11/09/17
Washington University 10/03/17



City Admission Interview Days

City Admission Interview Days are offered in the locations below. For detailed information and to schedule an interview, visit Admission Interview Program Information.

In-person interviews are also available with alumni in these and hundreds of other locations nationally and abroad. Schedule an interview at Admission Interview Program Information.

December 1 deadline for initiating interview arrangements.

Boston,   MA  11/11/17
Los Angeles,   CA                  11/03/17
Miami,   FL                           10/10/17
New York,   NY                    10/28/17
Portland,   OR                       11/14/17
San Diego,   CA                   11/15/17
San Francisco,   CA             11/01/17
Seattle, WA                       11/10/17
Washington,   DC                  11/11/17



Campus Admission Interview Days (for students and alumni of the schools listed)

Please schedule on-campus interviews through Admission Interview Program except where instructed to schedule through a school's pre-law office.

In-person interviews are also available with alumni in hundreds of locations nationally and abroad. Schedule an alumni interview at Admission Interview Program.


Cornell   University                                        09/26 and 09/27/17
Duke   University                                        11/07/17
Florida State   University                                10/09/17
Miami University – Ohio 10/17/17
New York   University                                        10/05/17
University of California -   Berkeley               9/28/2017
University of California - Los   Angeles          11/08/17
University of Florida and   Gainesville          10/19/17
University of   Georgia                                     10/12/2017
University of   Michigan                                   9/29/2017
University of   Mississippi                                9/12/2017
University of North Carolina –   Chapel Hill 11/08/17
University of Notre   Dame                        10/11 and 10/12/17
University of   Pennsylvania                           10/23/17
University of Southern   California                11/07/17
University of Texas -   Austin                          10/27/17
University of Virginia and   Charlottesville    09/28/17
Washington   University                                    10/04/17
Yale University                                                     11/09/17


Questions? Contact the Admissions Office

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