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Class of 2015 profile

JD Class of 2015


JD Class of 2015 (first-year students, 2012-13)

  • 3,757 applications
  • 173 students (three first-year sections of 58 students)
  • 44% women
  • 25% minority
  • 23 median age
  • 36 states, Washington, DC and 6 foreign citizens - view list
  • 109 undergraduate colleges represented - view list
  • 12 students (7%) hold advanced degrees including MA, MEd, MAcc, MPIA

Experience counts

The majority of the Class of 2015 (62%) graduated college at least one year before entering VLS; 34% graduated at least two years before entering. Collectively, the members of the Class of 2015 bring a wealth of experience in a variety of areas. Their backgrounds include business, science, education, technology, service, public policy, and graduate training in a number of fields.

Many have worked ...

... for law firms or in-house counsel (sample): Bloomfield Hills, MI; Noblesville, IN; Oklahoma City, OK; Memphis, TN; Washington, DC; Northcross, GA; Tallahassee, FL; Nashville, TN; New York, NY; Mattoon, IL; Abuja, Nigeria; Jacksonville, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Beijing, China; Lexington, KY; Los Angeles CA; Birmingham, AL; Springfield, MO; Mount Pleasant, SC; Metairie, LA; Tucson, AZ; Pompano Beach, FL; Pueblo, CO; Shanghai, China; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Miami, FL; Bremen, GA; London, England; Clarksville, TN; San Diego, CA; Katy, TX; Worcester, MA; Syracuse, NY; Jackson, TN

... for government, prosecutors, public defenders, courts or municiplaities in various locations (sample): U. S. Department of Justice; U. S. House of Representatives; U. S. Senate; U.K. Parliament; District Court of Michigan, MI; District Attorney, Bryan, TX; District Court of Colling County, TX; Philadelphia District Attorney's Office; U. S. Consulate Frankfurt, Germany; Pennsylvania State House of Representatives; Long Beach Superior Courthouse, CA; Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal; Office of State Rep., Lansing, MI; Public Defender's Office, Athens, GA; Illinois State Senator, Chicago, IL; State Senator's Office, WI; Office of Court Improvement, Tallahassee, FL; State Senator, Waco, TX; Attorney General's Chambers, Jamaica; Greenville County School District, SC; Attorney General's Office, MN; Mayor's Office, Nashville, TN; 44th Ward Aldermanic Office, Chicago; State Office of the AG, NYC; AG's Office, Tallahassee, FL; DA's office, Santa Barbara, CA; DA's Office, Russelville, AR; Office of State Representative, Boston, MA

.. for public interest organizations, non-profits, or NGOs (sample): Peace Corps, Washington, D.C.; Kenan Institute Asia, Bangkok, Thailand; Legal Aid Justice Center, Charlottesville, VA; The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.; Legal Aid Society, New York, NY; Charleston Transitional Facility, Charleston, IL; Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Denver; Voices of September 11th; American Center for Law & Justice, Washington, D.C.; Nashville Pro Bono Program, TN; Impact Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL; Americorps VISTA: Little Rock, AR; Neighborhood Learning Alliance, Pittsburgh, PA; Pisgah Legal Services , Asheville, NC; Project Downtown, Miami, FL; Legal Aid of North Carolina, Winston-Salem; British American Security Information Council, Washington, D.C.; Beijing Yilian Legal Aid and Study Center of Labor, China; Teach for America, Memphis, TN; Bluhm Legal Clinic: Center on Wrongful Convictions, Chicago, IL; Department of Public Advocacy, Lexington, KY; AmeriCorps Jumpstart, Atlanta, GA.

Members of the Class of 2015 collectively...

... have worked or studied abroad in: Argentina (3); Australia; Bahrain; Barbados; Belgium (4); Bosnia and Herzogovina; Botswana; Brazil (2); Costa Rica (2); Czech Republic; Dubai; Ecuador (2); Egypt; El Salvador; France (8); Germany (6); Ghana (2); Greece; Hong Kong; India (3); Indonesia; Iraq; Ireland (5); Israel (2); Italy (12); Jamaica; Jordan; Kenya (2); Kuwait; Lebanon; Mexico (1); Netherlands; New Zealand (3); Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria (2); People's Republic of China (6); Peru (2); Republic of China; Republic of Korea; Singapore; South Africa (3); Spain (7); Switzerland; Tanzania; Thailand; Tunisia; United Kingdom (22); Venezuela

... and speak these languages: American sign language; Arabic (6); Bahasa Indonesia; Bengali; Bosnian; Chinese/Mandarin (9); Czech; French (20); German (6); Gujarati; Hindi (2); Igbo (2); Italian (4); Korean; Latin; Portuguese; Punjabi; Russian; Serbo-Croatian; Spanish (37); Swahili (2); Turkish; Urdu (2); Yoruba

Members of the Class of 2015 include:

  • Police officer, Sioux Falls, SD, who served in Iraq and Kuwait
  • Four-time “Speaker of the House” award winner, Vanderbilt Debate Society
  • SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year
  • Harry S. Truman Scholar
  • National Champion American Mock Trial Association
  • Student body President
  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Fulbright Scholar
  • Miss Black District of Columbia USA
  • Metro Nashville public school teacher
  • “Rough neck” on an offshore oil rig
  • “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” contestant
  • Music composer for award-winning films
  • Bollywood dance choreographer
  • Hip-hop dancer
  • Artists
  • Volunteer firefighter
  • Boxer
  • Equestrian
  • 10 handicap golfer
  • Teach for America (7)
  • Eagle Scouts (5)
  • Scuba diver

A tradition of excellence

While the members of the Class of 2015 have diverse backgrounds, they share a common bond of academic excellence. As the following statistics indicate, they excelled in their undergraduate studies, posting a median undergraduate GPA of 3.71 as a group, and they show outstanding promise for law studies with a median LSAT score of 169 (97th percentile among test-takers).


J.D. Class of 2015:

75th percentile GPA: 3.85

Median GPA: 3.71

50th percentile GPA:  3.70

25th percentile GPA: 3.43


75th percentile LSAT: 170 (97th percentile among test-takers*)

Median LSAT: 169 (97th percentile among test-takers*)

50th percentile LSAT: 169

25th percentile LSAT: 163 (87th percentile among test-takers)

* LSAC reports both 169 and 170 as 97th percentile scores


J.D. entering class statistics, 2002 - 2012