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Helen Strong Curry International Legal Studies Scholar

Vanderbilt's International Legal Studies Program prepares students to practice law in a global environment by combining substantive classroom exposure to cutting-edge international law topics with practical experience through the International Law Practice Lab  and intern/externships  in the U.S. and abroad.  The ILSP core faculty includes respected scholars with expertise in key areas of international law.


Each year, the Law School will select one Helen Strong Curry International Legal Studies Scholar from among current first-year J.D. students who apply. The Helen Strong Curry Scholar will receive supplemental scholarship funds to support study in the field of international law for each of the second and third years of study at VLS.


During the spring semester of 2023, the Law School will select one member of the Class of 2025 from among those who apply. The Helen Strong Curry Scholar will receive a supplemental annual scholarship of $5,000 for each of the Scholar’s second and third years of study, making the total worth $10,000 over two years.


In each of the second and third years, the Scholar may apply these funds to: 1) academic-year tuition charges, 2) Vanderbilt in Venice, or 3) a summer externship in international legal studies for academic credit. The scholarship funds may NOT be used as summer stipend to support a pro bono experience with no academic credit.


These funds may be applied to Venice or a summer externship in combination with a Leadership Award received in the admission process. The combined amount will be credited to the Scholar’s student account to pay tuition charges, and the remainder will be refunded to the Scholar in an amount not to exceed the limit of the applicable student budget. Any remaining amount in excess of the student budget will be applied to tuition charges for the following academic year.


Helen Strong Curry International Legal Studies Scholar Application Materials