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Among the nation's leading law schools, Vanderbilt stands VLS exteriorout as a thriving global community of professionals dedicated to the advancement of justice and society through law. An extensive network of more than 9,000 alumni in 50 states, Washington, D.C., two U.S. territories, and 38 foreign nations reflects the school's national and international reach. Our world-class faculty is committed to providing tomorrow's leaders with the experience, skills and analytic tools they need to tackle difficult problems locally, nationally, and globally. 

With about 175 students in each entering JD class and an accessible and distinguished faculty, Vanderbilt offers a challenging and collegial intellectual environment in which to prepare for careers in law, public service, business, government or other areas where law and legal reasoning promote positive outcomes for individuals and society.

Drawn from across the nation and around the world, VLS students have remarkably varied backgrounds and professional goals. But a surprising number have something in common: an admission interview and a campus visit helped them to discover that Vanderbilt is where they want to be.


Admission Interviews for J.D. Applicants

We would like to know you better as a prospective student - and for you to learn more about Vanderbilt. That's why we offer individual, in-person admission interviews for all applicants - and why more than 800 VLS alumni conduct admission interviews with applicants in 42 states, DC, and 14 foreign locations, while VLS admissions officers interview applicants at scheduled events on university campuses and in major cities from coast to coast. Prospective students visiting VLS may also schedule an on-campus interview with an admissions officer.

Each interview report is considered in the context of the full application during file review, which helps us to have a better sense of the person as a prospective VLS student than an application might otherwise provide.

Interview arrangements must be initiated by December 1.

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VLS Recruiting Calendar

Admissions representatives attend recruiting events across the nation to meet prospective students and discuss all that Vanderbilt offers. We also offer Admission Interview Days and on-campus interviews in various locations nationwide.

2014/15 admissions recruiting and interview events calendar


Vanderbilt offers:

  • An outstanding faculty that ranks among among the most productive and influential in the nation
  • Small classes where students can take full advantage of a challenging and intellectually rigorous curriculum
  • Academic centers that allow students to fully explore various areas of the law and provide the tools to adapt to the fast-changing legal landscape of 21st century law practice
  • An exceptional Career Services Office that helps students choose direction and manage their careers with a full range of services.
  • Extensive clinical programs that take advantage of a range of opportunities available in Nashville and beyond
  • Foreign study program in Venice
  • Faculty and staff who work with you to tailor your education to meet your career goals
  • One of the best-designed and well-equipped law school facilities in the United States
  • An international network of alumni covering 50 states, DC, 2 U.S. territories, and 38 foreign nations
  • A beautiful campus and a vibrant university community of 10 schools and 12,000 students located in Nashville, a sophisticated, friendly and affordable city
  • Dual degree programs in conjunction with Vanderbilt University's other highly regarded graduate schools

J.D. program

About 175 new students enter the J.D. program each fall semester for a full-time course of study lasting three academic years. We do not offer part-time or evening programs. Applicants must hold (or expect to hold) a bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution.

J.D. students at other ABA-approved law schools who have completed one year of study may apply for transfer admission to Vanderbilt's second-year J.D. class.

J.D. students at other ABA-approved law schools may also apply as visiting students .

J.D. program overview | JD application process | Request viewbook | Apply now

LL.M. program

Each year, Vanderbilt's LL.M. program accepts a small number of foreign lawyers and international students for a one-year master's degree program that explores American legal issues and legal research methods.

LL.M. students are fully integrated into the Vanderbilt community, studying alongside American and other international students in the J.D. program. LL.M. students have access to the law school faculty and administration as well as the Vanderbilt University International Students and Scholars Office.

LL.M. program overview | LLM application process | Request Viewbook | Apply now

Ph.D. in Law and Economics, J.D. / Ph.D. in Law and Economics

In recognition of the increasing importance of economics in a number of legal fields, Vanderbilt University has developed a Ph.D. program that provides unique training in law and economics. Students admitted to the program must either hold a J.D. at the time of entry or complete the requirements for both the Ph.D. in Law and Economics and the J.D. concurrently.

Law and Economics overview and application process

J.D. / Ph.D. in Law and Neuroscience

Vanderbilt University, headquarters of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience , offers the nation's first J.D. / Ph.D in Neuroscience.

Law and neuroscience at Vanderbilt | J.D. / Ph.D. in Law and Neuroscience

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