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Adriana Guerra Montemayor

Guerra MontemayorAdriana Montemayor developed an interest in arbitration while she was studying law at ITAM (Instituto Tecnol�gico Aut�nomo de M�xico).

“In Mexico, working with a law firm while you're studying law is the best way to get a good job after you graduate,” she explains. “I had started out working primarily in civil litigation during my third semester, but I was taking summer courses abroad. I took an arbitration course in France through Hamline University.”

Adriana joined Barrera, Sequeiros y Torres Landa, one of Mexico's oldest law firms, because of its large international and arbitration practice. But she needed to pursue an LL.M. to achieve her goal of practicing international arbitration law. “When you do an LL.M. in the U.S., it gives the lawyers at your firm and your clients the confidence that you have studied the American legal system,” she says.

She chose Vanderbilt because of its international law and dispute resolution courses. “I talked to Professor Michael Newton, and his International Practice Lab was what I was looking for, because you work for international clients,” she recalls. “I wanted my horizons as open and wide as possible.”

After graduation, Adriana returned to Mexico, where she joined Guerra, Gonz�lez Y Asosiados, one of the top five litigation firms in Mexico.