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Social Justice Program

The Social Justice Program aims to promote a dynamic atmosphere within which issues of equality, access and service are openly and regularly explored by faculty and students inside and outside the classroom. Students can choose from a variety of courses  and clinics  addressing a diversity of topics, including non-litigation strategies for social change; race and the law; drug law and policy; domestic violence; labor and employment; poverty law; mental health law; bioethics; immigration; the death penalty; and wrongful conviction. See more

Criminal Justice Program

In addition to the first-year criminal law course, Vanderbilt's large criminal law faculty and adjunct faculty teaches over twenty courses in the second and third years that focus on criminal theory and practice, criminal procedure, juvenile justice, international criminal law, mental health law, and various other areas connected to criminal law. See more

Clinical Legal Education

Vanderbilt's legal clinics allow students to learn both the theory and practice of law in context. Clinic students gain real-world legal experience by assuming the role of the lawyer under the expert guidance of members of the law faculty, allowing them to hone their legal skills and delve into particular areas of law. See more