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The Sarratt Society

“What you do for Vanderbilt will live on and on.”—Dean Madison Sarratt

Dean Madison Sarratt lived these words, spending 62 years investing heart, mind and soul in Vanderbilt University and its students. The Sarratt Society was formed to honor those who, like Dean Sarratt, recognize the importance of investing in Vanderbilt and have included the university in their estate planning. Thousands of alumni and friends have realized how planned gifts "live on and on" at Vanderbilt, creating even greater opportunities for individuals to learn, explore, teach, discover, heal and care. Now more than ever, Vanderbilt's future relies on the planned gifts that alumni and friends make today, which will provide for an even brighter tomorrow.

The following members of the Sarratt Society have included the law school in their estate planning:

  • L. Bruce Ables, JD'63, and Sandra S. Ables
  • Garner Anthony, LLB'59
  • A. David Baumhart, JD'69, and Julia Turner Baumhart
  • Thomas W. Beasley, JD'73, and Wendy Beasley
  • Joe B. Brown, BA'62, JD'65, and Marilyn M. Brown, BA'63
  • Robert H. Brownlee, JD'76
  • J. Michael Campbell, BE'65, JD'68, and Minnie Bob Campbell
  • George H. Cate, BA'49, LLB'51
  • John M. Colvin, BA'55, MS'58, JD'65, and Beth E. Colvin
  • Robert N. Covington, JD'61, and Paula Anne Covington, MLS'71, MA'94
  • A. Darby Dickerson, JD'88
  • M. Douglas Dunn, JD'70
  • Walter Thomas Eccard, JD'77, and Joan Elizabeth Eccard, JD'77
  • Elizabeth Meyer Ferrari, JD'91
  • Joe H. Foy, BA'48, JD'50,* and Martha O. Foy, BA'48
  • Harry H. Harkins, JD'76
  • Edgar Y. Harris, JD'68, and Ann R. Harris
  • Warren E. Haviland, JD'69
  • Mark C. Hicks, JD'51
  • Anna Fox Hinds, JD'67
  • Jeffery Lawrence Hunt, JD'93, and Maryanne K. Hunt
  • John W. Hunt
  • Wayne S. Hyatt, BA'65, JD'68
  • Allen L. Jewell, BA'51, JD'56
  • Dorothy Fields Keeble
  • Eve Biskind Klothen, JD'75, and Kenneth L. Klothen
  • Paul M. Kurtz, BA'68, JD'72, and Carol Porter Kurtz, BS'71
  • Richard F. LaRoche, JD'70, and Gloria Jane LaRoche, BA'67
  • Frank M. Macioce, JD'72
  • Alyne Queener Massey, BA'48
  • Henry C. McCall, BA'47, JD'50
  • Hugh J. Morgan, LLB'56, and Ann W. Morgan, BA'52
  • Howard L. Nations, LLB'66
  • Stephanie Ethel Parker, JD'84
  • Larry M. Parsons, JD'90, and Angela D. Parsons
  • Michael L. Phifer, BA'79, JD'83
  • Florence H. Ridley, MA'51
  • Wilson Sims, JD'48, and Linda Sims
  • David Stalnaker, JD'89, MBA'89, and Eva Stalnaker
  • Gladys R. Tye
  • Leon W. Vaseliades, BA'54, JD'56, and Joan Vaseliades
  • William T. Warren, BA'60, LLB'63, and Sandra J. Warren
  • James Timothy White, JD'64